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Body Politic was the third episode of Series 7 and the 83rd episode of Casualty overall.


A teenage girl is brought in by her anxious mother, unaware her daughter is pregnant. The girl confesses to Max that she has tried to end the pregnancy with a knitting needle. It becomes clear that the mother's boyfriend has been abusing her. An aristocrat is shot by a biker with a crossbow when he answers the front door. No surgeons are available and Julian is forced to operate in CRASH to remove the bolt. He saves the man. The attacker turns out to be the mother of a child the aristocrat killed on the road eight years before. A body builder, arrives with a sore throat. Norma dismisses him as not being serious. Max discovers him collapsed in the hospital grounds and he is rushed to CRASH but dies. Ash and Rob find steroids in his wallet. Norma worries about her mother who has Alzheimer's.