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"Boiling Point" is the 104th episode of Casualty and the 24th and final episode of the 7th series. It was preceded by "No Cause for Concern" and followed by "Cat in Hell". The episode was directed by Michael Owen Morris and written by Peter Bowker. It is widely regarded as a landmark episode of the earlier series.


Duffy and Andrew are getting married in the morning, Maxine tells Charlie she is going to become a nurse and it's Rob's last shift before he takes up a surgical post in Southampton. A gang of youths burgle a house and beat up a pensioner, Ray. Ray's son Gordon contacts some neighbours who form a vigilante group: A violent clash with the youths results in Errol, a man whose son has joined the gang, being stabbed. Casualties from both sides are taken to hospital but when they are ejected for causing trouble the youths start a fire in the basement and blow up an ambulance in the main entrance. The staff and patients are successfully evacuated but Rob disobeys instructions and tries to get the body of Ray, who died earlier from a heart attack, out of the department; he is buried under rubble and his legs are crushed. Errol dies of his injuries in the car park. Charlie vows to rebuild the department.

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