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[[Category:Episodes written by Kevin Scouler[1]]]

Born Losers was the eighth episode of Series 8 and the 112th episode of Casualty overall.

Plot Edit

Two policemen investigate a house that has been burgled only to find that the elderly owner has rigged up an electric cable to trap the burglars, giving one of the policemen an electric shock. Ash is mugged by two youths on his way to work; the youths inject themselves with his insulin without knowing what it is. One of them collapses during another robbery and is taken to hospital where Ash recognises him. He warns him his friend could be in danger but by the time the police find him he is dead. Mike learns a woman whose adopted daughter just moved to be nearer her birth mother has the foetus from her last miscarriage calcifying inside her. Despite warnings from Duffy and a specialist, she sees it as her child and refuses to have it removed. Helen is left in tears by the case and is comforted by Adele. Charlie is missing Ken and snaps at Duffy, Ash and Adele before admitting to Ash Ken was in love with him. Mark announces to the staff that Jane is their new manager; the staff feel betrayed, especially Charlie and Frankie, and Josh is upset at losing his partner.


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