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"Branded" is the 148th episode of Casualty and the 20th episode of the 9th series.


Both Mike and Ash are taking temporary leave. Mike's replacement is Barbara Hayes, who turns out to be Charlie's former lover Baz. A post-op transsexual, Audrey, visits her younger friend Sarah at a mall. Thugs try to mug Audrey and Sarah is pushed through a window. She has internal bleeding but is a Jehovah's Witness and refuses a blood transfusion or surgery. Audrey turns out to be her father; both Sarah's parents try to talk her round, as does Eddie, but she dies. A single mother with five children turns up: Several of them have injuries and Kate is suspicious. The children initially claims their mother beats them but it eventually turns out the eldest girl framed her so they would be taken away, fed up of having to look after her younger siblings. The children are taken into care.

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