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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Bricks and Daughters" is the 622nd episode of Casualty and the 32nd episode of the 22nd series.


Today is Ruth's first day back after her attempted suicide and she is placed on non-clinical duties, it is also Toby's first day of his orthopaedic rotation. Dixie and Jeff bring in an elderly man, Emanuel, suffering from suspected dementia. Ruth and Toby tend to the patient but Ruth is disappointed when she realises her role will only involve gown-changing and information gathering. Adam arrives into work late and is told by Zoe to get his act together. Toby struggles with his first dislocation and Maggie is forced to step in and assist. Meanwhile in an illegal hippy hostel, an arsonist blows up the building after the police arrive to stop the illegal rave, Anita went back in to collect her belongs when the blaze began causing burns and internal bleeding. Zoe treats Anita and requires an orthopaedic surgeon to come down and examine her, Sean sends Toby down much to Tess' disappointment. Maggie once again goes behind Toby's back and calls Sean Anderson down to intervene. It transpires that Toby did the band wrong and almost caused the patient to bleed to death. A shoplifter attempts to avoid the police by setting off the fire alarm and amid the distraction Maggie's granddaughter, Lana, is abducted out of Tess' office by the patient with suspected dementia. Maggie then finds Emanuel holding Lana over the rubbish shoot, Ruth successfully manages to talk the Doctor out of dropping the baby, successfully saving her life.