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"Bringing It All Back Home" is the 164th episode of Casualty and the 12th episode of the 10th series.


A reunion is held among the Holby City FC team who reached the cup final. Two former players, Tom (Gareth Thomas) and Pat (Michael Keating) are worried by the presence of old team-mate Bob (Stephen Yardley); the three of them were bribed to throw the final. Bob has seen the fictional account in Tom's autobiography and wants to expose it. A feud between rival yacht owners sees the yacht containing the players collide with an empty boat; Tom saves Bob from being crushed. Tom dies of a heart attack in hospital and Bob keeps quiet. The two rivals end up in hospital when a fight lands them both in the water; their children take charge of the businesses and call a truce. A woman comes in with an injured wrist; the staff are suspicious of her over-protective son but it transpires her husband walked out after learning their daughter isn't his and out of guilt she has been self-harming and buying extravagant presents for the children. Trevor puts an electronic lock on the staff room door to prevent thefts but when people keep forgetting the code Charlie writes it down and Rachel's watch is stolen. Tim visits Rachel while Matt gives a drunken Brian money to stop him going home. Baz tells Charlie Peter wants to adopt; he agrees to resume their affair if she tells Peter the truth.

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