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"Broken Heart Syndrome" is the 843rd episode of Casualty and the 20th episode of the 27th series. It was preceded by "No Other Medicine" and followed by "Life Goes On". The episode was directed by Reza Moradi and written by David Bowker. It followed the events on the day of Yvonne Rippon's funeral.


Jordan is overcome with grief as the day of Yvonne's funeral dawns, so the last thing he needs is a message from the young offender institution asking him to visit Nylon, the teenager awaiting trial for her attack. But can he ignore the chance to come face to face with the person he blames for her death? Meanwhile, Yvonne's real assailant Mehmet and his wife Yasmin begin to crack under the pressure of their guilty secret, while the ED team must work out the identity of a mystery man and locate his missing son.

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