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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Brothers at Arms" is the 888th episode of Casualty and the 21st episode of the 28th series. It was preceded by "Bad Timing" and followed by "Keeping Schtum". The episode was directed by Steve Hughes and written by Steve Bailie. This episode sees the arrival of Caleb Knight, portrayed by Richard Winsor, who was eventually killed off in the show's 31st series over three years later.


When new locum Caleb Knight joins the ED the majority of the staff are pretty impressed with his expertise. All except Ethan, who had no idea his brother had also accepted a job at Holby. On his first day, Cal accompanies the paramedics out to a risky call-out where a limousine is hanging precariously over the edge of a bridge.

Both dealing with the death of their mother in different ways, it’s clear Ethan and Cal don’t get on. Cal gets into hot water with Zoe when Ethan exposes his brother's first patient as his one-night from the previous evening. When it turns out the girl in question is 17, Zoe realises she's going to have her hands full.

Elsewhere, Jeff is concerned for Dixie when she appears more intent on partying with Rita than grieving the death of her girlfriend Carol. After the dramatic day with the limousine, Dixie finally opens up to him about her feelings of loss. Jeff reassures her they'll always be friends, no matter who they fall in love with along the way.

Meanwhile, Fletch returns to work at the ED after all charges of professional misconduct against him are dropped. However, he’s struggling with being a part-time dad to his children since the break up of his marriage.


The episode was filmed in September 2013, and heavily involved filming on-location. The scenes for the limousine were shot on George Street Bridge in Newport, Wales.

Naming disputes

Although the BBC website states the episode title to be "Brothers in Arms", in-episode at the start it's called "Brothers at Arms". Wikipedia also cites the episode's name to be the latter, as well as various other TV sites.


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