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"Burn Out" is the 35th episode of Casualty and the 5th episode of the 3rd series. It was preceded by "Absolution" and followed by "A Quiet Night". The episode was directed by Michael Owen Morris and written by Jeremy Brock.


After being attacked by pupils at her school, the teacher returns after plastic surgery on the injuries to her face, only to be taunted by them again. She refuses to report them and when Megan visits that evening, she's shocked at what happened to her. She collapses at school and taken to Holby and told she faces more surgery which will leave her scared for life, and her husband's frustrated that the money they spent on her first operation was a waste. Valerie Sinclair feels Ewart has betrayed her over the proposed closure of the Observation Ward and they have an exchange of words, as Cindy, a squatter, is in a bad way when Keith and Shirley have to deliver her baby in the ambulance and then she rejects it. An irritable patient causes Megan to have a major stress attack and Ewart takes her to his office and she tells him about her problems and then breaks down. The patient who caused her to snap, finds himself on the receiving end when Duffy takes over and treats his injured hand.

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