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"Burning Cases" is the 29th episode of Casualty and the 14th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Peace, Brother" and followed by "These Things Happen". The episode was directed by Christopher Menaul and written by the show's creators Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock.


Sophie Bennod suffers verbal abuse from her wheelchair bound disabled husband, Tom and when he accidentally sets fire to the bathroom curtains, he deliberately burns himself. She accompanies him to the hospital where his burns are found not to be serious but he has to stay in for a couple of days. She decides she had enough and tells Dr Mary Thominson she's leaving him but is persuaded to speak to Tom first. He is devastated and tells her he loves her, as she walks out of his life, for good. Ewart declares his love for Elizabeth when they spend the day together, by throwing his wedding ring out of her car window. When he starts his shift later, Mary asks him to look at a young woman who is in severe pain but they clash over his diagnosis. She's after drugs but Mary disagrees but later on, he's proved right, when the woman gets up and walks out because she didn't get what she wanted. Duffy refuses to talk to Peter when he keeps phoning so he turns up drunk and causes a commotion.

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