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Caleb "Cal" Knight (formerly Hardy, born Steven; 12 February 1986 - 29 April 2017) was a registrar in emergency medicine who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 2014 to 2017. He worked in the department from January 2014 until his death three years later in April 2017.

Cal instantly clashed with his brother, Ethan Hardy, who'd started working in the ED the week before. Initially finding it hard to work together, they soon landed themselves in hot water with Clinical Lead Zoe Hanna as a result of their actions. Cal soon attempted to change his ways, but he still feared forever being seen as second best compared to his brother.[1]

In 2015, Cal discovered that he and Ethan were adopted at a young age, but he decided to keep the information from Ethan. Ethan eventually found out when their birth mother, Emilie was admitted to the ED the following February. Cal felt even worse for Ethan when it transpired that he'd inherited Huntington's disease from Emilie.

When Alicia Munroe returned to the department in 2016, both Cal and Ethan developed feelings for her. This was something which once again drove them apart. However, they soon got over the fallout and made up once again. Just after Cal had told them they could date, he was stabbed and killed by Scott Ellisson outside the ED, leaving Ethan distraught.

Early life

Cal was born in February 1986 to Emilie Groome. (CAS: "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep") At a young age, Cal and his brother Ethan, then Michael, were taken from Emilie due to her poor mental state and disorders as a result of her early symptoms of Huntington's disease. The brothers were then adopted by another couple. Prior to the adoption, Cal's name was Steven. (CAS: "Home for Christmas")

During Cal and Ethan's childhood, they had different upbringings despite sharing the same parents. Cal had to achieve by himself because he had fallen out with his father, also an ED doctor. Cal and his father argued frequently throughout his childhood which resulted in Cal leaving home at a young age. From there, Cal had to fund his own education by working jobs, whilst Ethan remained at home and was exposed to a more family-orientated upbringing. He later changed his surname to his mother's maiden name of Knight, after becoming estranged from his father.

Cal studied at UCL specialising in medicine where he first encountered Connie Beauchamp during one of her annual lectures there. (CAS: "Valves to Vagrants") He failed his first attempt at medical school as a result of too much partying, which in turn landed him a few rungs down in the career ladder.[1] After beginning to study, Cal lost contact with his father and they stopped seeing each other. (CAS: "Home for Christmas") In around 2009, Cal started his career specialising in emergency medicine, presumably completing his foundation training years shortly after. After becoming a registrar, Cal spent six months working for the Air Ambulance Service in Kent. (CAS: "Brothers at Arms")

When Ethan was due to arrive for his first shift, he stayed with his and Cal's mother, Matilda, who was very ill. Even though Ethan had to get to the ED, he didn't want to leave her by herself, but eventually realised that Cal wasn't coming anytime soon. During his shift, he sent a text message to Ethan saying that his plane was late, and he'd be running an hour late. During the day, Cal eventually arrived to see his mother, but she passed away whilst he was there which left Ethan feeling guilty that he wasn't there on the day that it mattered. (CAS: "Bad Timing")

Time in the emergency department (2014-17)

Cal arrived in the department a week after his brother Ethan joined in January 2014. On his first day, Cal was called out to the site of an accident where a limousine was hanging precariously off the edge of a bridge. Working closely alongside the paramedics at the scene, the patients were successfully evacuated from the vehicle. Upon discovering that he would be working alongside his brother, Cal was angry, as they didn't get along and had lost contact. Cal was even more angry when Ethan revealed that Cal's patient was a 17-year-old girl Cal had slept with the night before. An argument broke out, but they both informed Zoe that their personal lives wouldn't get in the way of their work. (CAS: "Brothers at Arms") The following week, Cal convinced Zoe to keep him on as a locum, much to Ethan's annoyance. (CAS: "Keeping Schtum")

In February, Cal and Ethan attended a meeting with their mother's solicitor to discuss her will and how the property and money was to be divided. However, Cal was left furious when their mother had written in the will that even though the property value was to be shared equally, his share would be left in a trust fund under Ethan's name until he was sure that Cal wouldn't spend the lot on gambling, drink and women. (CAS: "Valentine's Day Mascara")

Cal about to kiss Jenny in March 2014. (CAS: "Survivor's Guilt")

In March, Ethan was annoyed with Cal when he tried flirting with Jenny, the nurse who cared for their mother before her death. After Ethan and Rita saw them kissing, Rita told Ethan him to stand up against Cal. (CAS: "Survivor's Guilt") Later in the month, Ethan was irritated when Cal turned up once again as the ED's locum registrar, unhappy about the frequency of his shifts. (CAS: "The Lies We Tell") The following month, Cal introduced a betting app to Fletch in an attempt to find something they could share to become friends. (CAS: "The Quiet Man") A week later, Cal helped Robyn pass her assessment, but she was sad when she saw him with someone else at the pub. He also attempted to show Lily that he was interested in her. (CAS: "Only the Lonely")

In May, Cal was annoyed with Lily when she sent one of his patients upstairs for a psychiatric review without consulting him. They later discovered that the patient actually had a brain tumour which was causing her unusual behaviour. However, after the shift, Cal made a move on Lily, and they agreed to go out together that evening. Before he left, Cal confronted Fletch to let him know he owed him money based on an existing bet that he could go out with Lily. However, Cal remained unaware of Fletch's own financial problems, and he kept Lily in the dark about their degrading bet. (CAS: "To Yourself Be True") The following week, Lily was upset to discover that it was just a one-night-stand and that Cal used her, whilst Fletch's debt worsened when he was forced to pay out to Cal. (CAS: "The Dying Game")

In June, Cal asked Lily out again, purely to get in the way of Ethan telling her how he felt. However, Lily later overheard Cal badmouthing her to Fletch, saying that she was easy to get, which left her heartbroken and angry. When she confided in Ethan, he confronted Cal outside the ED and punched him in the face. (CAS: "Falling - Part One") Lily was furious with both of them for exposing her private life. Although she softened towards Ethan after he apologised, a resolution with Cal was a long way off. (CAS: "Falling - Part Two")

Cal speaking to Lily about the cost-cutting ideas in July. (CAS: "The Sicilian Defence")

In July, Cal gave Lofty a lesson in calming down a patient, after a bride-to-be was admitted with facial injuries. Cal assured her that he'd have her looking perfect for the wedding, but forgot to finish her treatment. Ethan had to step in, and Connie was furious with Cal for his error. (CAS: "First Impressions") The following month, Cal and Ethan were pitted against each other by Connie, who asked them both to come up with a cost-cutting strategy for the ED. Cal stole Ethan's ideas on blood transfusions and cutting down costs after seeing them on his laptop, and asked Connie out for a drink to discuss them. (CAS: "The Sicilian Defence") However, the following week Lily helped to expose him and credit Ethan for the ideas. (CAS: "A Life Less Lived")

In October, Ethan was involved in a minibus crash with several members of the ED's staff. Connie planned to operate on Ethan when he was brought in to the department, but Charlie refused to let her as a result of her earlier hand injury. Cal was forced to operate on Ethan in a high-pressure situation, but eventually he pulled through and they reconciled. (CAS: "Born Lucky") When Ethan was discharged a few weeks later, Cal helped Ethan move into his new flat, whilst also taking advantage of the spare room. (CAS: "The Index Case") Ethan arranged a viewing at a local apartment the following week, but Cal failed to turn up, as he had no intention of moving out. (CAS: "Return to Sender")

In November, Cal convinced Ethan to join him on a night out to the strip club. Ethan was shocked later in the evening when he noticed the coffee shop barista Honey up on the stage. (CAS: "Losing Grip") In December, Cal rushed to the aid of Taylor Ashbie, a charity organiser who was admitted to the ED complaining of chest pains. Although she quickly grew annoyed with his attentiveness, she got Cal's number at the end of her treatment. (CAS: "Feeling Good")

In January 2015, Cal booked Ethan a holiday in Magaluf for a week so he could have the flat to himself to woo Taylor. (CAS: "Muddling Through") In February, an inspection went badly in the ED and Connie was left furious at the staff. (CAS: "Front Line") The following week when the report came in, she asked Cal for his resignation letter. However, after a word from Charlie about how she was meant to be saving the doctors' jobs, Connie told Cal that he still had a place in the department. (CAS: "Sweetie") In March, Cal went to drastic lengths to please Taylor when she requested £15,000 for a sick orphan in India. Using Ethan's credit card and computer, he stole Ethan's inheritance to give to her. (CAS: "Toxic Relationships")

Cal discussing the money with Ethan. (CAS: "Something Borrowed, Something Blue")

At the start of April, Ethan realised the money was missing from his account, and Cal soon confessed when Ethan was speaking of the police getting involved. Cal claimed only to have borrowed it, but to make things worse he planned to propose to Taylor using their mother's engagement ring which she'd left Ethan in her will. However, Cal later went to her office to find it empty and abandoned. When he called her, she picked up and apologised to him for taking the money, revealing that she was a con artist and the charity was a scam. (CAS: "Something Borrowed, Something Blue") Later in the month, Ethan was willing to forgive Cal, but soon realised that he'd gone back to his old ways when he turned up to work in a flash new car, and asked for more money from him. Cal was also reluctant to phone the police about Taylor, and continued to undermine whilst treating patients. Fed up of Cal's behaviour once again, Ethan demanded that Cal moved out of the flat. (CAS: "Under Pressure")

The following week, Cal asked Zoe for a place to stay, but she reminded him that she lived on a houseboat with Dylan. Cal was interrupted by a phone-call from Taylor, saying that she had been stabbed and was in the toilets of a park. When he got there, Cal told her that he needed to take her to the ED, but she refused to in an attempt to avoid the police. Cal phoned Ethan and asked him to bring some medical supplies, to which he reluctantly accepted. Ethan and Taylor made an agreement for her to run away and never come back, but before she could get far she was arrested by the police. Cal took his anger out on Ethan when he found out that Taylor ran off because of him. After a small brawl between them, Cal made up with Ethan upon realising that he was trying to protect him. (CAS: "The King's Crossing") A week later, Ethan asked Cal to move back into the flat with him. (CAS: "The Rita Supremacy")

Cal preparing for the fundraiser photo. (CAS: "The Golden Hours")

At the end of June, Cal treated a leukaemia patient, and even agreed to raise some money for charity by doing a nude calendar shoot. (CAS: "The Golden Hours") Cal was upset when the patient died the following week, and he walked out of the ED. However, Cal later expressed his interest to Connie about taking the necessary steps to becoming a consultant. (CAS: "A Moment of Clarity") Cal decided to go through with it, and announced to everyone the following week that he would be taking his FCEM exams. (CAS: "Heart Over Head") Struggling with the revision, Cal went to Tess for help, but found her overly organised revision plans and schedules were too much for him. (CAS: "If You Could Bottle It") A couple of weeks later following Honey's return, Cal and Lily both gave Ethan conflicting advice on what he should do about the relationship. Lily encouraged him to focus on studying towards his FCEM exams, which he was also taking alongside Cal. (CAS: "Dark Horses") Later in the month, Cal and Ethan got their results back from the FCEM exams and discovered that they'd failed. However, Lily passed her exams to become a registrar, although Cal and Ethan didn't agree with her new authoritarian attitude. (CAS: "Forsaking All Others - Part One")

In October, Cal attended a risky call out with the paramedics, where he narrowly avoided death, saving a teenage girl in the process. (CAS: "Rules of Attraction") At the end of the shift, Taylor turned up at the ED with a baby girl claiming it to be his, after escaping from prison. Cal and Ethan treated Taylor for her symptoms, but before long she ran off again. Although he was distraught at having lost Taylor again, Cal named the baby Matilda after his and Ethan's mother. (CAS: "On Call") The following week, Ethan urged Cal to take a paternity test to make sure Matilda was his, but Cal was already bonding with her. (CAS: "Flutterby") Cal eventually agreed to do a paternity test, but only to prove to Ethan that Matilda was his. (CAS: "One Shot")

Cal opens the paternity test results at Matilda's side. (CAS: "Strangers")

In November, Cal brought Matilda into the ED with a high temperature, and it was soon discovered that she had a rash too. Cal began to worry about Matilda's condition, and Ethan had to remove Cal from resus when she started fitting. Cal emotionally walked out of the ED, but Charlie followed him to his car and encouraged him to go back for Matilda's sake. However, just as she was recovering Cal received the results back from the paternity test to discover that she wasn't his. (CAS: "Strangers") When looking at the test again, Cal realised that his blood type was O+, which wasn't possible as his mother's was AB. Charlie confirmed this, and Cal came to the realisation that he could have been adopted. In disbelief, he got his own blood group tested only to find that he was in fact adopted. Ignoring Charlie's advice, Cal decided not to speak to Ethan about it. (CAS: "Estranged")

In December, Cal expressed an interest to Charlie in tracking down his birth mother upon realising that Ethan may not be his real brother. Charlie empathises with Cal's situation, and agrees to help him track down his birth mother. (CAS: "Maybe This Year") Beginning the search, Charlie and Cal used all of the resources available to them to track down his mother, but it proved to be more difficult than they'd anticipated. (CAS: "Silence Speaks")

On Christmas Eve, Charlie revealed to Cal that he'd managed to track down his biological mother. Charlie accompanied Cal in going to visit his birth mother, Emilie Groome, but was distraught to discover she had Huntington's disease and that he and Ethan had a fifty percent chance of inheriting it. However, he was relieved to find out from her care worker that there were two children given away for adoption, the other being Ethan, meaning he and Cal were still related. That evening at the pub, Ethan noticed Cal crying and assumed it was because of Matilda being taken away. (CAS: "Home for Christmas")

Cal after the car accident in January 2016. (CAS: "A Life Less Ordinary")

On New Years Day during Cal's shift, he became increasingly paranoid about the fact he could inherit Huntington's disease. That evening, he went to a bar and got drunk and met a girl named Katya. He escaped her pimp with her and she stayed at his flat. The next morning after she left, she was taken by the pimp from the night before. Cal chased them in his car which resulted in a car crash involving them both and two patients who had been at the ED the day before. When back at the ED, he was speaking to Jacob and Charlie about the accident when he said that he may have still been under the influence of alcohol from the night before. Connie overheard this and decided to send him under observation for another couple of hours in order to be on the safe side and let him sober up so he would definitely be within the legal limit by the time the police tested him. (CAS: "A Life Less Ordinary")

Continuing into the new year, Cal avoided telling Ethan about his discovery, as Ethan was facing problems of his own, primarily due to the guilt he felt due to the fact he missed Olivia's signs of abuse. Charlie frequently pestered Cal in an attempt to get him to tell Ethan, but Cal eventually snapped at him and told him that it wasn't his decision to make, but Charlie was left wondering whether he should tell Ethan himself. During the black alert, Cal was prepared to tell Ethan once and for all but Ethan's issues only worsened when he realised that a man who he had given little attention to had committed suicide later that day. (CAS: "Black Alert")

In February, Emilie arrived at the ED with a burn to her hand. Cal quickly realised that she had turned up merely so she could see Ethan. Although initially angry, he later came to realise that she didn't choose to give them up and had sympathy for her. During the shift, Cal still attempted to keep Ethan and Emilie separated due to the fact that he didn't want Ethan finding out that way. However, Ethan ended up treating her still remaining oblivious to their connection. At the end of their shift, Ethan went to check up on Emilie one last time to find her emotional with Cal by her side, and Cal told Ethan the truth once and for all. (CAS: "Step Right Up") Ethan reacted badly to the news and the following week the two had a punch-up in the staff room but Zoe quickly broke it up. At the end of the shift Ethan told Cal that he wasn't his brother anymore, which clearly hurt him. (CAS: "Hearts and Flowers")

Later in the month, Cal and Emilie arrived in the ED following a fall which resulted in Cal dislocating his shoulder. Once in the ED, Emilie was diagnosed with pneumonia by Ethan, and told Cal it wasn't looking good. When the two had a firm talk about Emilie's condition in the staff room, Ethan realised, with some advice from Charlie that it would only get harder the longer he denied it. Cal also received the results to his and Ethan's Huntington's test. (CAS: "Fatal Error - Part Two")

Ethan and Cal arguing outside the ED towards the end of March. (CAS: "Sweet Child of Mine")

In early March, Cal and Ethan travelled with Emilie as she was going to somewhere more peaceful due to her wish not to die in a hospital. On the way there, they hijacked the ambulance leaving Iain and Jez stranded. They narrowly avoided being arrested when a suspicious policewoman interrogated them at the roadside after they veered off into the shrubbery. They eventually arrived at Conleth Bay and prepared to open their test results. Ethan was oblivious to the fact that Cal had sent off his blood, and Cal told him that he took a sample back in January when Ethan demonstrated receiving an injection in order to put a patient at ease. Emilie died shortly after they told her that they were both negative, but after her death Ethan revealed that he had in fact inherited the disease, which left Cal in shock. (CAS: "High Tide") Towards the end of the month, Cal and Ethan argued outside the ED as Ethan had been pushing Cal further away following his diagnosis. (CAS: "Sweet Child of Mine")

In April, Cal overheard Ethan telling Lily about his Huntington's news, and how he wished he had got it instead. Cal went missing, but Ethan was eventually able to track him down, knowing that he would have gone to Colneth Bay. He arrived there to find Cal, and Ethan apologised to him. They had a conversation in Cal's car and Ethan told him that he intended to be more like Cal and enjoy life more. They then ran down the beach together into the sea, just like they had done as children according to Emilie. (CAS: "Buried Alive")

In June, Cal tried to get Ethan to flirt with a woman whom he recognised as she worked in the local delicatessen. However, Cal was shocked at how bad he was at impressing her. However, she later dragged him off into the storage cupboard and he had to ask her to get off. She later fainted, and after Ethan called Cal to help it transpired that she was just trying to get pregnant as her husband didn't want to have kids. (CAS: "The Best Day of My Life")

Cal as he climbed under the scaffolding to reach Ethan and Alicia. (CAS: "Too Old for This Shift")

In August 2016, Cal attended Charlie's 30th anniversary party at The Hope & Anchor opposite the ED. He saw Ethan's failed attempts at flirting with Alicia, and encouraged him to show his vulnerable side. However, the party was soon put on hold when news of Connie's crash got back to the department, and they all headed back to the ED to see how Connie was whilst Grace was on her way via air ambulance. However, the helicopter carrying her was hit by a drone and it crashed down into the entrance of the ED, resulting in the entrance being blocked and scaffolding to collapse. Cal narrowly avoided being hit by a chunk of flying metal. As Cal was helping the wounded, him and the paramedics heard the siren going off on the ambulance which had been buried by the scaffolding. They went to investigate and found Ethan and Alicia under it. Ethan had sustained a leg injury, and Cal thought that they'd been lucky to escape with the injuries that they did. As the day drew to a close and the staff were preparing to stay and help with the cleanup, Ethan told Cal that showing his vulnerable side had backfired. However, Cal proved him wrong when he told him the way that Alicia was looking at him flirtatiously. (CAS: "Too Old for This Shift")

In September, Cal helped Ethan think of an excuse to get out of going to Alicia's birthday party after he'd seen his romantic advances fail. However, Ethan later decided to go but saw Ethan and Cal kissing, which left him distraught. (CAS: "Party Pooper") They had a one night stand, and finally confronted each other about it in October. Cal was surprised when Alicia didn't want to do it again, although he didn't want to either. He was even more surprised and offended when she rated him six out of ten. He got back at her later in the day by giving her the same type of feedback. (CAS: "Too Much Love Will Kill You")

In October, Ethan received two tickets to the hospital's awards night from Elle, but it wasn't long before Cal tried to get them off of him so he could take Alicia. Ethan rejected his offer, but later gave the tickets to Cal and he took Alicia instead. Elle was baffled by his decision, oblivious to the fact his decision had been affected by a chat with a patient earlier in the day. (CAS: "Night of the Loving Dead")

Alicia with Cal in the pub, agreeing to give their relationship a go. (CAS: "Shock to the System")

Later in October after spending a night together, Alicia declined to meet up with Cal that evening. He took it personally and was offended, so he bluntly made her realise that she hadn't been serious about anyone recently. Cal later found her crying and comforted her assuming that it was what he said that had upset her, but it transpired that she'd just been on the phone to her mum who was upset about her dad. Later in their shift, Cal and Alicia managed to work together to save a patient, and later agreed to meet at the pub after work. Once there, they decided to try to give their relationship a go. (CAS: "Shock to the System")

In November, Cal made a joke to Louise on the day of the ED's inspection that one of her patients had filed a complaint against her. After this, Louise moaned at the patient which resulted in a real complaint being made. In reception at the end of the day, Jacob confronted Cal about his joke, unimpressed that he'd tried to get the doctors to come out on top. Overhearing this, Archie Grayling revealed himself as the undercover inspector. (CAS: "About My Mother")

The following week, Cal decided to help Ethan with his new online dating profile by taking his phone off him and writing a new bio. Later in the day, Cal gave Ethan's phone back and he was surprised to see that he had a few messages. However, he soon realised that it was because Cal had said in his bio that he wasn't looking for anything serious. This prompted Alicia to write a new bio for Ethan which soon made him realise that she knew him better than anyone. (CAS: "Not in Holby Anymore")

Cal and Alicia overseeing Ethan's dating profile. (CAS: "All I Want for Christmas Is You")

In December, Cal and Alicia continued to control Ethan's love-life through his dating profile, unaware of his feelings for Alicia. Whilst they were enjoying their day off at the Christmas market, a girl fell from a balcony into Cal's arms. They both escaped with minor injuries, but Cal was instructed by Charlie not to drink at the Christmas party because of the painkillers he was on for his wrist. Cal got drunk anyway and it was up to Alicia to take him home. After Cal had fallen asleep, Ethan confessed his love for Alicia to her. (CAS: "All I Want for Christmas Is You")

On New Year's Eve, Cal had his first day back at work since getting back from The Bahamas where he spent Christmas, whilst he left Alicia at home with her parents. Cal was also interested when Elle told him and Ethan about a research opportunity in South Africa for three months. Later in the shift, Ethan spoke to Cal about how he was treating Alicia, and told him to think about how she was feeling. Cal later borrowed Ethan's tablet, but when Elle saw the proposal on the screen she assumed it was his, and asked him to send it off. Ethan found out later that day and went to confront Cal, but Alicia told him that he'd gone to London for New Year's. She began to sympathise with him, and soon after they shared a kiss and spent the night together. (CAS: "New Year, New Me, New You")

Ethan preparing to tell Cal the truth. (CAS: "What Lurks in the Heart")

The following day, Cal returned from London and revealed to Lily that his interview for the research project didn't go well. Throughout the day, Ethan and Alicia were looking for the right time to tell Cal the truth about them. When they were finally about to after the end of the shift, Alicia backed down and pretended they wanted to talk about the research project. That evening when Cal was with Alicia in bed, she unexpectedly left, at which point Cal found a cuff-link on her bedroom floor. (CAS: "What Lurks in the Heart")

A couple of weeks later, Cal brought the cuff-link into work, and turned to Charlie for advice on what to do. Charlie advised Cal to speak to Alicia, and when he did, she assured him that she wasn't seeing anyone else. (CAS: "Back to School") The following week, Cal tried to get onto Alicia's phone, still suspicious of her loyalty. However, Charlie convinced him to hand it over, and later put it where Alicia would find it. (CAS: "Little Sister")

In February, Cal found a secret phone in Alicia's locker. Suspicious, he showed Ethan, and they were both just as surprised to see that she'd been texting a suspected lover. They texted the mystery man telling him to meet them outside the ED later that day. When they arrived, they noticed Max coming over and in anger, Ethan punched him. Alicia was frustrated with the two, as she revealed that she was just playing a prank on Max, pretending to be a girl he met on a dating site. Cal and Alicia later shared a chat and she hinted it was the end of their relationship, but later Cal managed to save her father's life. Just before Charlie's stag party that evening, they reconciled. However, Cal was shocked and disgusted when Ethan claimed ownership of the cuff-link he found weeks ago that fell out of his jacket pocket. (CAS: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love")

Cal and Ethan started when the owner of the briefcase found them. (CAS: "The Stag, the Dog and the Sheep")

On the stag night, Cal pushed Ethan over and broke his glasses, but Ethan passed it off as an accident. By the following morning, Cal had more important things to worry about when he found a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist and that Charlie had gone missing. Whilst retracing their steps from the night before, Ethan was able to unlock the case and found it was filled with money. Soon after, they were confronted by the owner of it, and as he was about to hurt Cal, Ethan intervened and saved him. On the minibus back to Holby after Charlie had been found, Cal realised what Ethan really meant to him, although Ethan still remained oblivious to the fact Cal knew about him and Alicia. At the wedding reception later that day, Cal kissed the pole dancer from the stag night in front of Alicia to get back at her and she was left furious. (CAS: "The Stag, the Dog and the Sheep")

In March, Cal had a complaint lodged against him by a woman named Neeve, whose mother was admitted to the ED with end stage cancer. Neeve claimed that her mother wanted to just die in peace, but Cal persisted in resuscitating her, only stopping on Sam's command. Neeve returned to the department soon after, drunk and upset about her mother's death, but told Cal of her complaint. When she left her hat behind, Cal took it to her house and ended up bringing her into the ED when it transpired that she'd had an accidental overdose of drugs. In doing so, Cal gained some respect back from Sam, whom he was eager to impress due to his newfound aspiration to become a surgeon. (CAS: "Five Days")

Cal confronting Sam in the middle of reception.

In April, Sam was forced to make budget cuts in the department, and Cal empathised with him, which angered his colleagues. (CAS: "Sleeping With the Enemy") Later in the month, Cal was furious to learn from Sam that his surgical rotation had to be put on hold as a result of the budget cuts. To stand in unity with the consultants, Cal organised a work-to-rule for the registrars and junior doctors. Sam suspected the Cal had organised it and warned him about going ahead. However, when a patient died later in the day because the ED was short-staffed, Cal confronted Sam in reception. He was upset when Lily announced that she was going to stay on, and Cal accused Sam of intimidating her. Cal informed him that he'd be contacting the union to organise a strike, as well as ruining his career. (CAS: "When the Whistle Blows")

The following week, the day of the strike arrived, and the doctors set up their protest spot outside the ED. Cal was initially angry with Lily for staying to help Sam out, although after Cal called the locum and convinced her not to attend work, Sam was put in exactly the same situation. Cal sent Robyn into the ED to keep an eye on how Sam was struggling, but before long Lily found her and confronted Cal about how he had used Robyn. Although Lily later left midway through the shift, it was to help out Iain's sister Gemma, and she made it clear to Cal that she didn't agree with his reasoning for the protest. Cal also became irritated when Ethan and Alicia weren't taking the strike as seriously as he wanted. When they accused him of making it too personal against Sam, he told them that he knew that Ethan had slept with Alicia whilst they were going out, and stormed off. (CAS: "Reap the Whirlwind - Part One")

Dylan attempting to save Cal's life, minutes before his death. (CAS: "Reap the Whirlwind - Part Two")

Shortly after this, they soon abandoned the strike when Lily was admitted to the ED after having been hit by a car. Roy Ellisson, who'd also been admitted, later died, and his family accused the doctors of focusing all their attention on Lily. Roy's son Scott Ellisson was particularly angry and lashed out at Ethan, at which point Cal took him outside and tried to calm him down. Cal later noticed Scott giving Ethan death stares, and advised him to take Alicia and get away from the ED, therefore giving them his blessing to date. When Cal couldn't get hold of Ethan on his phone, he began to worry, especially when he noticed Scott lurking in a dark alley next to the ED. Cal confronted him, and they soon got into a fight. Just as Cal was preparing to lay off, Scott stabbed him in the chest. Scott made a run for it, and Cal was able to crawl along to the paved area where Dylan found him and brought him into the ED. The team attempted to save Cal, but the bleeding was too extensive, and he died. Ethan and Alicia were soon called over from the pub to the ED, and when Ethan found out Cal had died, he broke down in tears at his side. (CAS: "Reap the Whirlwind - Part Two")

Personal life

Cal with Taylor when they were dating. (CAS: "Something Borrowed, Something Blue")

In summer 2014, he was romantically involved with Lily although they never dated. When she overheard him badmouthing her to Fletch, she ended it with him. Also in 2014, he attempted flirting with Connie Beauchamp on multiple occasions but she simply ignored his attempts or dismissed them with sarcastic comments.

Cal entered a relationship with Taylor Ashbie in December 2014, but it soon ended when she conned him into giving her £15,000, which he stole from Ethan, before running away. Cal has no children, but Matilda, Taylor Ashbie's daughter, was left in his care for a short period before it was found that he wasn't the father.

In September 2016, Cal had a one night stand with Alicia. (CAS: "Party Pooper") The following month, they decided to give their relationship a proper go. (CAS: "Shock to the System") However, whilst Cal was in London for New Year's Eve, Ethan slept with Alicia. (CAS: "New Year, New Me, New You") The following day, Cal found a cufflink on Alicia's bedroom floor and started having doubts about her loyalty. (CAS: "What Lurks in the Heart") A couple of weeks later, Cal asked Alicia if she was seeing anyone else but she told him she wasn't. (CAS: "Back to School") In February, Alicia spotted Cal kissing the stripper from Charlie's stag party and immediately broke up with him. (CAS: "The Stag, the Dog and the Sheep")


  • Ethan Hardy is his brother. (CAS: "Brothers at Arms")
  • He hated his father and facing up to the consequences of his actions.[1]
  • He loved fast cars and a fast lifestyle and spending his salary and beyond.[1]
  • When they were younger, Cal and Ethan's favourite meal was crisp sandwiches.[1]
  • Cal's biggest fear was to end up like his father.[1]
  • Cal's biggest regret was that he wasn't there for his mother when she died of cancer.[1]
  • His blood type was O+. (CAS: "Strangers")
  • Cal and Ethan were adopted.
  • He studied at University College London (UCL). (CAS: "Valves to Vagrants")

Behind the scenes

Richard Winsor portrayed Cal on Casualty from 2014 to 2017, for just over three years.

Richard Winsor portrayed Cal on Casualty from 2014 to 2017. He made his first on-screen appearance in January 2014. When asked what it was like jumping onto a show like Casualty, Winsor said: "It’s a juggernaut. Everyone knows each other, a lot of people have been here for a while and clearly know what they’re doing. So you are jumping into the middle of all that. But the producers, cast and crew are all so lovely and supportive. It feels like a big family."

Prior to getting cast as Caleb Knight on Casualty, Winsor auditioned for the role of Harry Tressler on Holby City. He lost out on the part to Jules Knight, although the producers expressed interest in working with Winsor in the future which prompted him to go for the role of Caleb Knight later in 2013. He began filming on Casualty that September.

In series 30, Cal's birth name was revealed to have been Steven and Ethan's Michael. This was possibly inspired by Michael Stevenson who plays paramedic Iain Dean.

Winsor made his final appearance as Cal on Casualty on 29 April 2017, when the character was killed off.


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Cal made his first appearance in Casualty in the series 28 episode "Brothers at Arms". He made his final appearance in the series 31 episode "Reap the Whirlwind - Part Two". During his time on the show, he appeared in over 120 episodes. In terms of prominence in the show, Cal had 9 centric episodes. He was one of the few characters not to have a centric episode in series 29.