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Cameron Dunn (20 February 199031 August 2021) was a CT2 doctor who worked at Holby City Hospital until his arrest in 2021.


Early life

Cameron began attending medical school, but he later dropped out in what his mother Bernie saw as an "ignominious" manner. (HC: "Indefensible")

Relationship with Keeley Carson

In 2016, Cameron decided to reapply for medical school. On the campus, he met and fell in love with Keeley Carson, a married woman who previously worked under Bernie as a registrar, and the two entered a relationship. On 4 August 2016, after attending an orthopod's party, a drunken Keeley crashed her car into another and injured the driver who was a heavily pregnant woman named Sally; Cameron immediately rushed to Sally's aid and resuscitated her. Cameron was taken to Holby City Hospital's Acute Admissions Unit, and he claimed that he was the driver in order to protect Keeley. After Bernie found out and confronted Keeley, Cameron threatened to leave her life forever; nevertheless, Bernie told the police that Keeley was the driver. Despite his mother disregarding his expressed wishes, Cameron appreciated her actions and assured her that she could have been open with him about her sexuality and affair with Alex Dawson. (HC: "Indefensible")

General surgery rotations

Later that month, Cameron began volunteering at the Hope Street Drop-In Centre. On the 30th, he met Morven Digby, a doctor at Holby City Hospital and shared a drink with her at a club later that week. (HC: "Protect and Serve") Working with her provided him with the inspiration for starting studying again.

On 29 November, to Bernie's surprise, Cameron started his F1 rotation in general surgery on AAU. He treated a woman named Jenny who had fallen off her horse and suspected that she had suffered neurological damage which was affecting her sight, but Bernie believed that it was related to a recent stroke. Regardless, Cameron asked consultant Serena Campbell to order Jenny an MRI; the results showed significant damage to her occipital cortex, and he and Bernie diagnosed her with Anton-Babinski syndrome. (HC: "Parasite")

In January 2017, wanting to work apart from his mother, Cameron decided to transfer to New Green Hospital in London. However, when fellow F1 Jasmine Burrows suggested that Morven potentially had feelings for him, Cameron approached Morven about it, and she insisted that she did not have feelings for him. Later that day, while they celebrated his departure, Cameron made a pass at Morven; she turned him down. (HC: "Aces High")

On 9 May, Bernie brought Cameron back to Holby to observe the treatment of a carotid pseudoaneurysm, but Cameron was more interested in seeing Morven again. Not wanting his mother to dictate the direction of his career, Cameron expressed an interest in a conservation project in Costa Rica and invited Morven to accompany him, but she was uncertain. That night, on the hospital roof, Cameron revealed his motive for returning to Morven, and the two shared a kiss. (HC: "The Heart Is a Small Thing")

In December, Cameron received final approval from his hospital deanery to complete a placement in Jamaica. After St James' Hosptial declared a black alert on 24 December, Cameron was brought onto AAU to help deal with the large influx of admissions. In the evening, Morven told him that she had also contacted the deanery about completing a foreign placement, and the two left for Jamaica together. (HC: "Always Forever") However, according to Cameron, Morven later had an affair with a local bartender and later dumped him, leaving him uncertain about his future. (HC: "Everything Old Is New Again")

Rotation on Darwin

On 30 December 2018, Cameron returned to AAU as a locum. Thankful for his help, Serena offered to ask cardiothoracic consultant Jac Naylor to give him a place on Darwin as an F2. (HC: "Everything Old Is New Again") On 8 January 2019, Cameron began his first shift on Darwin. While competing with fellow F2 Nicky McKendrick to diagnose Laurie Stocks, Tom Campbell-Gore gave Cameron a clue about Laurie's condition and told him that he used to play the trumpet, leading Cameron to correctly diagnose him with a pharyngeal pouch. He later admitted his foul play to Nicky and considered dropping his application for the position of Junior Doctor Lead, but she assured him that she would have done the same. (HC: "China Crisis")

By 15 January, Cameron had been given the title of Junior Doctor Lead. Having irritated Jac by being awarded the position through nepotism and complaining to his godmother and Royal College of Surgeons board member Verity Knotts, Cameron tried to impress her by treating a woman named Mel single-handedly, but he unintentionally exacerbated her condition by giving her morphine. Consequently, both he and Nicky were banned from operating on patients for two weeks. (HC: "The Burden of Proof")

On 5 February, Cameron and Nicky competed for a place as Jac's research assistant at a conference in Naples. At the end of the day, Cameron won the competition, but, after Xavier "Zav" Duval confronted him about forcing Nicky to pay for his drinks, he gave the plane tickets to Nicky as recompense. (HC: "Force Majeure")

Cameron loses the position of Junior Doctor Lead. (HC: "Ask No Questions")

On 26 March, Cameron was issued with a formal warning for making inappropriate calls on the ward. (HC: "Running") The next day, after Evan Crowhurst — the ex-boyfriend of registrar Chloe Godard — found out about his and Chloe's night-out the night prior, he removed all of the data from Cameron's SSI audit and disposed of his smart card as an act of revenge. As a consequence, Serena felt that Cameron was not setting a good example and informed him that the position of Junior Doctor Lead was no longer his. (HC: "Ask No Questions")

On 25 June, Cameron treated a man named Galvo who claimed to be a documentary maker. However, Cameron soon learned that he was a sergeant named Daniel Kelly who was reported to be responsible for civilian deaths in a battle, but Daniel insisted that he took responsibility for the incident after he exposed it. In theatre, as Cameron attempted to perform a tricuspid valve replacement, he began to panic; Daniel soon began to bleed out and died. Overwhelmed by Daniel's death and his insecurities, Cameron had an emotional breakdown on the ward. (HC: "Kiss Kiss")

The following week, consultant Kian Madani left Cameron to treat a man named Mason who had an atrial septal defect, but Nicky took over the case when Cameron neglected to order a CMR. In theatre, Kian left Cameron and Nicky alone while Nicky closed Mason's atrium, and Nicky was forced to tackle an aortic bleed without supervision; Kian subsequently revealed that he deliberately left them. Horrified, Cameron reported him to CEO Henrik Hanssen. On Hanssen's recommendation, Cameron decided to accept a position on AAU. (HC: "Flying Solo")

Bernie's death

On 15 July, Cameron began his first shift back on AAU. (HC: "Reckless") The next day, Cameron treated Jerry McKee — a former patient of Bernie's — and correctly diagnosed him with an adhesional bowel obstruction. However, in theatre, Cameron was reminded of the incident with Galvo and felt unable to complete his procedure. Feeling as though he was no longer suited to be a doctor, Cameron prepared to hand Hanssen his letter of resignation, but he was called back onto AAU after Jerry's bowel became ischaemic; in theatre, Cameron managed to remove all of the necrotic tissue independently. With his confidence restored, Cameron binned the letter. However, later that day, Cameron was visited by an army officer and informed that there was an explosion at the airport hospital Bernie was working at in Mogadishu, and she was missing in action. (HC: "Honeymoon")

The following week, Bernie's fiancée Alex Dawson visited Cameron on AAU to discuss arranging Bernie's funeral, but Cameron refused to accept that his mother was dead and allow Alex to organise it. (HC: "Don't Leave Me") On 29 July, after attending a memorial service for Bernie, Cameron got drunk and slept with Nicky. The next day, Cameron learned that Bernie and Alex were engaged; feeling as though his mother did not trust him, Cameron drowned his sorrows with alcohol and returned to AAU. Cameron later attended a memorial service for Bernie outside the hospital, but he left midway-through. (HC: "Things My Mother Told Me") On 31 July, Cameron clashed with Serena after Alex was admitted to AAU following a car accident and enraged her by accusing her of growing close to Alex and questioning her love for Bernie. However, later that day, the two came to an understanding; Cameron decided to take compassionate leave and spend some time at Bernie's rural cottage. (HC: "When Worlds Collide")

Ric's brain tumour

On 27 August, Cameron returned to work. Consultant Ric Griffin informed Cameron that their patient Kristy Maltby was a member of the trust and instructed him to treat and discharge her as quickly as possible. When Cameron warned Ric about Kristy wanting to "carve" the hospital up and "throw the scraps to the dogs", Ric confronted her, but he immediately apologised when she told him that she ran a pie shop and was not a member of the hospital trust. Cameron approached Ric about the misunderstanding, but Ric pretended that he created a subterfuge to test Cameron's attentiveness to his patients' lives and backgrounds.

At night, Cameron and Nicky returned to their apartment to find Evan talking to Chloe. They ordered Evan to leave immediately, but he refused, forcing Cameron to call the police. When they arrived, Cameron directed them towards the harassing text messages Evan had been sending Chloe and told them that Evan's harrying had worsened Chloe's panic attacks. Consequently, Evan was ordered to never contact Chloe again or he would risk prosecution. (HC: "Babysitters and Bystanders")

On 10 September, Cameron noticed that Ric had mistakenly prescribed Tazocin to a patient with a penicillin allergy. Suspicious of Ric's behaviour, Zav asked Cameron if he had made any other clinical errors, but Cameron insisted that Ric knew what he was doing. (HC: "Gods and Monsters") However, the following week, after Ric confused two patients, Cameron warned Zav that Ric had erroneously diagnosed a patient with a perforated bowel and had listed them for a bowel resection. As Ric had moved the patient up the theatre list, Cameron and Zav rushed into theatre, and Cameron showed Ric his error just before the patient was anaesthetised.

After Ric had forgotten to take his granddaughter Darla to her midwife appointment, Cameron stayed with Darla in Pulses, but he was forced to take her to his apartment as he had forgotten his wallet there. However, as soon as they arrived there, Darla's waters broke. With the help of obstetrician Lucy over the phone, Cameron managed to deliver Darla's daughter. Back on AAU, Cameron approached Ric, who was present during Darla's labour, and suggested that he was showing signs of dementia. Ric took offence and berated Cameron for being an "average" doctor and a "liability". (HC: "Circle of Life")

In the afternoon, Cameron demanded Ric take a dementia test, but Ric refused. In theatre, as Cameron — shaken after learning of the retrieval of Bernie's body — was closing Darla up, Ric harshly critiqued his technique, causing Cameron to lose his nerve and abandon the procedure. Later, despite Ric threatening his career, Cameron told Ric that he had had enough of covering up his mistakes and "dancing around [his] ego", and declared that Ric was on his own. (HC: "Retreat")

Evan's death

Cameron allows Evan to die. (HC: "Divine Justice")

Later that day, Cameron was mortified to learn that Evan had followed Chloe to the cottage and attacked her, and felt responsible for not going with her. (HC: "Retreat") After discovering that Evan had also raped her, Cameron took over Evan's care in ICU. When Evan asserted that Chloe attacked him and that he was always found innocent, Cameron secretly called Chloe and warned her of the existence of other victims of him, including Sophie Taylor. In ICU, Evan continued to proclaim his innocence, but Cameron did not believe him. Suddenly, Evan rapidly began to deteriorate, but Cameron silenced his heart monitor and allowed him to go into VF before calling for the crash team; Evan was pronounced dead not long after. (HC: "Divine Justice")

Following Evan's death, Cameron was haunted by his actions and decided to take compassionate leave when Bernie's remains were repatriated. (HC: "Hubble Bubble") However, upon his return, Cameron struggled to get past Evan's death and attempted to manipulate a woman into agreeing to extend her dying father's life. After realising his behaviour, Cameron tried to admit his role in Evan's death to Serena but was interrupted. (HC: "Bell Jar") He later tried to tell the truth to Evan's sister Phoebe, but he was paged mid-sentence. After hearing that Chloe was carrying Evan's child, Cameron offered to help provide for her and the baby; Chloe was unsettled by his proposition and demanded that he leave her alone. (HC: "Kintsugi") On New Year's Eve, Cameron admitted to his actions to a corpse but decided to defer judgement to "the universe". At a party in Albie's, Chloe admitted her feelings for Cameron, and the two started a relationship. (HC: "Mothers and Their Daughters")

Fraudulent acts of heroism

On 27 January 2020, after chasing Owen Gayle — the boyfriend of a patient who was stabbed — into a lift, Cameron, Owen and porter Jason Haynes were left trapped when it broke down. Cameron soon discovered that Owen also sustained a stab wound and had developed a pneumothorax. However, when Cameron was unable to perform a thoracostomy, Jason took over and was able to relieve the pressure himself. Cameron took credit for the thoracostomy and was praised by his colleagues. Jason wanted to tell his wife Greta about his success, but Cameron urged him not to and fallaciously claimed that both of them would be prosecuted if the truth came out. After Cameron went out for dinner with Chloe, the two kissed, but Chloe, still vulnerable following her experience with Evan, was uncomfortable with going further. (HC: Episode 1012)

In February, Cameron lent Nicky a necklace of Bernie's and was distraught when she claimed to have lost it. (HC: Episode 1013) After Nicky admitted that she pawned it to pay off a man named Steve who had been extorting her, Cameron confronted Steve, hoping to record him incriminating himself. However, when Steve saw through Cameron's ploy, Cameron choked Steve and intimidated him into leaving Nicky alone. Later that evening, when Chloe turned down Cameron's advances once again, she took offence when he derided her discomfort and demanded to be left alone. (HC: Episode 1014) The following morning, after hearing Cameron brand her as "neurotic", Chloe broke up with him and decided to move out of the flat. However, when Cameron feigned distress and suggested that he would leave Holby, Chloe told him to stay and insisted that they remain as friends. (HC: Episode 1015)

Conflict with Zav

You're a sad, sorry little incel who thinks he's entitled to status he's never earned. Enjoy your drink, enjoy your time with your friends because I'm going to find out what you did, Cam. I'm going to dig up the bodies.
— Zav warns Cameron that he will expose him. (HC: Episode 1019)

On 15 February, Cameron treated a man named David McBride who was suffering from chest pains and accidentally ruptured his haemothorax which resulted in him undergoing emergency surgery. To Zav's chagrin, Cameron managed to groom David into deciding against making a formal complaint against him. When David was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and rushed into theatre, Cameron insisted on inserting a graft immediately and without supervision. Although Cameron was successful, Ange reprimanded him and warned him that David was within his rights to make a formal complaint. Zav accused Cameron of being a "fraud", but Cameron suggested that he was just jealous. (HC: Episode 1015)

In March, Jason told Zav that Cameron had given him a custom-made pen on the day of the lift incident, and he later admitted to Zav that he was the one who performed the thoracostomy. Furious, Zav publicly confronted Cameron on AAU but was astounded when his colleagues were unexpectedly sympathetic to Cameron and let him off. However, Zav noticed Cameron's shock when he discovered that Evan's care notes would be reviewed for a life insurance claim. (HC: Episode 1018) The following week, Cameron accidentally exposed his involvement in Evan's death to Zav. In theatre, Zav became convinced that Cameron had spiked his coffee and dragged him onto the ward, but Cameron maintained that he had done nothing. Shortly after, Zav realised that Cameron had sent him a message from his patient's phone suggesting that they go on a date together to jeopardise his relationship with Donna Jackson. After Zav was suspended, he confidently confronted Cameron and pledged to expose him and "dig up the bodies". (HC: Episode 1019)

Cameron at the scene of Zav's accident. (HC: Episode 1022)

On 7 April, on the day of Zav's disciplinary hearing, he secretly reviewed Evan's case notes and discovered a long delay between the time of Evan's arrest and the moment Cameron called for help; the hearing was ultimately postponed. Cameron asserted that Zav would be dismissed as a "delusional conspiracy theorist" and recommended that he let Evan's death go, but Zav presented Cameron with a USB stick containing evidence and informed him that he was going to the police. However, Zav collided with a cyclist and hit his head on a curb. Cameron, who had witnessed the incident, took Zav's bag and destroyed the evidence; he later comforted Donna when she was informed that Zav had suffered catastrophic brain damage and died. (HC: Episode 1022) The week after, Cameron urged Donna to delete a voice mail incriminating him that Zav left her moments before his death; she agreed and deleted the message. (HC: Episode 1023)

Unethical practices

In May, on the day of his CT1 performance review, Cameron discovered that Ange had written a report that was highly critical of his clinical abilities. Ange stood by her judgement and posited that he did not have the right "temperament" to be a surgeon, but she offered to hold off on submitting the assessment to give him an opportunity to show improvement over the following few weeks. Feeling insulted, Cameron deliberately cut a patient's sutures in order to impress his colleagues with his "quick thinking". Ange was impressed by his work, but she stated that she needed to see "more, sustained changes" before she could re-evaluate his performance. (HC: Episode 1027) The next day, Cameron got rid of a patient's flecainide and blamed the "mistake" on nurse Louis McGerry. When Louis insisted that he had no such mistake, Max McGerry believed him and warned Cameron that she was "watching" him. (HC: Episode 1028)

In June, Drew Nicholson-Heath — a notorious locum known for head-hunting talented surgeons and weeding out incompetent ones — arrived at the hospital. Cameron was keen to impress Drew with his confidence and diagnostic skills, but Drew was ultimately won over by Nicky who was then given the opportunity to operate with him and Ange. Jealous, Cameron sabotaged Nicky's sutures, but Drew knew that Nicky's work was flawless. After hearing that Nicky had turned down an interview at a wealthy hospital in Dubai, Cameron volunteered; Drew immediately turned him down and warned Nicky to "watch [her] back" around Cameron. Outside, an indignant Cameron scratched Drew's car with a pair of scissors. (HC: Episode 1031)

Later that month, after finding out that Chloe had found a man on a dating website, Cameron had sex with Nicky in an on-call room (HC: Episode 1032) but subsequently suggested that they remain friends as to not upset Chloe. However, when Chloe turned Cameron down and contended that they could never be a couple, Cameron turned to Nicky again, and the two agreed to begin a private relationship. (HC: Episode 1033)

In July, when cases of COVID-19 began increasing across the UK, Cameron grew increasingly scared of contracting the disease as more people in low-risk populations started to deteriorate. However, Ange criticised his cowardice and questioned whether or not he was cut out to be a doctor. The following month, after one of his patients succumbed to the disease, Cameron suffered a panic attack and was photographed outside the hospital. The photo was later sent to the local press, and Cameron was lauded as a "hero". (HC: Episode 1034) In November, Nicky wanted to make her relationship with Cameron public, but Cameron was keen to capitalise on Chloe's rekindled feelings for him in the wake of his newfound stardom. Cameron suggested to Nicky that they take "time off" to think about their relationship; unbeknownst to Nicky, Chloe had agreed to go out for a drink with Cameron. (HC: Episode 1035) The next day, Chloe overheard Nicky telling Cameron that she did not want to keep their relationship a secret anymore. (HC: Episode 1036)

Cameron decides to tamper with Solomon's drug flow. (HC: Episode 1037)

On 19 November, after learning from Ange that his "big hero" act was a fraud, Chloe maligned Cameron as an "embarrassment to [their] profession". While treating a man named Solomon Cole, Cameron dismissed Louis' concerns about Solomon's tender abdomen but later claimed Louis' finding as his own. After being castigated by Chloe in theatre for applying the wrong sutures, Cameron asked for her to return to the ward immediately as he deliberately tampered with Solomon's intravenous drugs to cause him to deteriorate. However, when Chloe returned later than anticipated, Solomon suffered a heart attack and died. While his colleagues told him that Solomon's death was not his fault, Cameron told Solomon's body that he was "sorry". (HC: Episode 1037)

On 8 December, Cameron learned that the board were looking for a new advisor at registrar level to represent the hospital's junior doctors and decided to apply despite only being a CT2 to humiliate Chloe. Cameron approached Max about allowing him to compete for the position, claiming that he was the "face" of the hospital and wanted to use that visibility for positive means, and she permitted it. To discredit Chloe, Cameron gave the interview panel an offering of whiskey on her behalf and then plagiarised her post-COVID strategic proposal. Max ultimately awarded Cameron the post. (HC: Episode 1038) Despite Chloe's insistence that Cameron sabotaged her proposal, Nicky believed Cameron's dismissal of her allegation, prompting Chloe to move out of the flat permanently. Before leaving, Chloe branded Cameron a "fraud" and asserted that he would slip up eventually on account of his incompetence. (HC: Episode 1039)

Death of Harvey Dean

In January 2021, Cameron tasked F1 Skylar Bryce with treating Harvey Dean who had a suspected metacarpal fracture and emphasised the importance of assessing and discharging him as quickly as possible. However, Skylar continued running tests and diagnosed Harvey with Weil's disease. Cameron reluctantly admitted that Skylar's decision to keep Harvey on AAU was correct and instructed her to administer doxycycline, but Cameron failed to read Harvey's notes, so Harvey suffered a fatal allergic reaction. Skylar insisted that Cameron told her to administer the drug and promised to write it up later, but Cameron disagreed with her version of events. Due to Cameron and Skylar's lack of agreement, Max decided to launch an investigation and warned the pair that she expected at least one of them to be leaving the hospital afterwards. (HC: Episode 1041)

On the day of the investigation, Michael Townsend — the chairman of the board and Skylar's step-father — urged Cameron to make Skylar change her stance on the incident. Cameron told Skylar that he was going to take responsibility for Harvey's death and urged her to claim that she misunderstood his instruction, but she was unwavering. During his interview, Cameron claimed that he instructed Skylar not to administer any drug until he had written it up, and asserted that Skylar had ignored him because she believed that she knew better on account of diagnosing the Weil's disease. The panel believed Cameron over Skylar, and Skylar was relieved of her duties. After receiving a suicide note from Skylar, Cameron rushed to a storage cupboard and discovered that she had taken an overdose and sustained a tension pneumothorax while collapsing; he fitted a makeshift chest drain, and Skylar was rushed into theatre. Skylar made it through surgery, and she thanked Cameron for saving her life. Outside the hospital, Michael also thanked Cameron and offered to repay him for his deed. Cameron subsequently burned the note. (HC: Episode 1042)

Return to Darwin

On 26 January, Jude Puncheon — a pancreatitis patient Cameron and F1 Jeong-Soo Han were treating in theatre — developed a haemothorax after Cameron clumsily inserted a chest drain. As the hospital had been put into lockdown after a gunman fired shots on Darwin, Cameron was forced to call Nicky, who was trapped on Darwin, and have her walk him through a thoracotomy to rectify his error. After surgery, Cameron asserted that the procedure was a success, but Jeong-Soo called him an "entitled, chinless fake" and warned fellow F1 Josh Hudson to watch his back. (HC: Episode 1044)

The following month, Cameron decided to request a transfer to Darwin. As Dominic Copeland — Ange's biological son — had been severely injured in a car crash, Cameron instead approached Sahira Shah, Darwin's new clinical lead, who offered to speak to HR about a transfer if she was impressed by his skills. (HC: Episode 1046)

Death of Bobby Edwards

Cameron murders Bobby by reversing his effects of his heparin. (HC: Episode 1048)

On 23 February, Bobby Edwards — the cyclist who collided with Zav — was moved to Darwin from Keller for cardiac monitoring, and immediately recognised Cameron from the scene of the accident. Cameron tried to quickly leave the hospital to avoid Bobby, but Nicky confronted him with the news that she was pregnant. (HC: Episode 1047) The next day, Cameron tried to gaslight Bobby into believing that he was not there when Zav died and then accused Bobby of deliberately harming Zav, but Bobby was undeterred and proclaimed that he would be reporting Cameron to the police. Later, Cameron told Bobby that he would come clean to the police about his involvement in the accident as he did not want to live a "life of guilt" and ruin his child's life. However, Cameron later gave Bobby protamine sulfate to reverse the effects of the heparin Chloe administered, triggering the formation of a clot which soon killed him. Chloe saw Cameron with Bobby shortly before his death and later asked him if he had spoken to Bobby; Cameron insisted that she was mistaken. (HC: Episode 1048)

Following Bobby's death, Cameron accused Chloe of trying to shift the blame onto him, but she noticed his shock when he saw Skylar entering the building to attend a meeting with Max. Chloe approached Skylar about her experience with Cameron, and Skylar warned her that, whatever she may have thought of Cameron, he was capable of "so much worse, more than [she] could possibly imagine". Cameron later confronted Skylar about her appearance at the hospital, but Skylar warned him that he could not keep pushing people around and that Chloe was onto him. Later, Max informed Chloe that Bobby's system contained extremely low levels of heparin. Despite Chloe's insistance that she did administer the drug and that Cameron was responsible for Bobby's decline, Max decided to suspend her until a formal investigation was carried out. (HC: Episode 1049)

Kidnapping of Ange Godard

After Chloe told her that Cameron was a danger to patients, Ange decided to review Cameron's previous cases and discovered a trend of his patients going into unexplained crises before being rescued at the brink of death. Cameron denied her accusation of foul play and suggested that she was only trying to "back up [her] crazy daughter", but Ange informed him that she would be asking Max to open a full investigation. Outside the disused COVID ICU unit, Cameron gave Ange one "final chance" to reconsider going to Max, but Ange was stunned by his arrogance and ordered him to get out of her way. Cameron promptly grabbed Ange and injected her with pethidine before dragging her into a cordoned-off room. (HC: Episode 1049)

The next day, Cameron was scheduled to participate in a cross-disciplinary operation with Ange on a patient with a diaphragmatic rupture and splenosis. Chloe confronted Cameron about her mother's whereabouts after she received a cryptic message from Ange claiming that she was "going away", and immediately grew suspicious when Cameron's immediate response was him criticising Ange for "dropping [him] in it"; she later realised that Cameron had lied about not seeing Ange when she discovered that he had a pre-op meeting with her the evening prior. After ordering Ange to walk him through the operation, Cameron approached Max about starting the operation before Ange's return and admitted that he wanted to dispel the "slanderous, unjust and unprovoked" allegation surrounding his competency. When Chloe assertted that he was underqualified to lead the operation, Cameron explained the procedure in detail, but Chloe pointed out that only an experienced surgeon, like Ange, would know about the described method. Chloe, with help from Louis, soon found that the records of Cameron's patients had been deleted from the system from Ange's computer. (HC: Episode 1050)


Nicky: Why is Chloe the one coming after you?
Cameron: I don't know. I don't know. Everything that I've done for her, everything that I've taken care of...
Nicky: Evan.
Cameron: I did it to protect her. If it wasn't for Evan, if it wasn't for Chloe, I wouldn't be stuck here about to lose everything. I did this for her!
— Cameron reveals his motive to Nicky. (HC: Episode 1051)

Cameron is taken into custody. (HC: Episode 1051)

Cameron later returned to Ange to administer another dose of pethidine (HC: Episode 1050) but was injured by her in the process. Cameron prepared to leave Holby, but he saw police entering the hospital, who had been called in after Louis was stabbed by a patient, and believed that they were searching for him. In a bid to give himself more time to escape, Cameron gave Ange more pethidine and was injured when she tried to defend herself with a broken piece of metal. Cameron called Chloe and claimed to have left the hospital, but Chloe immediately recognised the ruse and, with Nicky and Donna, found him. When Chloe ran to the mortuary after learning that Cameron had been there only to find that he was only there to look for an escape route, Cameron barricaded himself and Nicky in Max's office. Cameron claimed that he had been forced to "run and hide like a rat" and denied deliberately killing his patients, but Nicky explained that she knew he had been involved in a fight with Ange and urged him to be honest for his own sake. Cameron admitted to killing Bobby and claimed that he allowed Evan Crowhurst to die to protect Chloe. After learning that Ange had been found, Nicky revealed to Cameron that she had recorded their conversation and claimed that she stopped loving him when he displayed no interest in their baby kicking. Cameron smashed a window and threatened to jump, but Nicky told him that he was never a good doctor and branded him a "coward". After receiving a slap from Donna for Zav, a whimpering Cameron was arrested. (HC: Episode 1051)



Bernie Wolfe

Cameron was very close to Bernie when he was young. Whenever she left to carry out her military duties, she would leave Milky Buttons under his pillow and spray it with her perfume before she went. Wanting Cameron to do well and unlock his true potential, Bernie put pressure on him to overcome his "demons". (HC: "Things My Mother Told Me") However, as Cameron matured, he began to feel as though his parents viewed him as a burden and favoured his sister Charlotte. (HC: "Indefensible") Cameron's decision to become a doctor came from his desire to get Bernie's attention and approval. (HC: "Honeymoon") When Cameron began dating 40-year-old Keeley Carson, she believed that Cameron was trying to compensate for the lack of a maternal figure in his life by being with her.

Regardless, when Cameron was admitted to AAU in August 2016, he was happy to see Bernie again. However, he later threatened to walk out of her life after she confronted Keeley about their decision to conceal the circumstances behind their car crash. Not wanting her son to ruin his life, Bernie ignored Cameron and Keeley's wishes and told the truth to the police, but Cameron soon admitted that he secretly wanted her to. (HC: "Indefensible")

In November, Bernie was surprised to find that Cameron had started working on AAU as an F1. He treated a woman named Jenny who had fallen off her horse and suspected that she had suffered neurological damage which was affecting her sight, but Bernie believed that it was related to a recent stroke. Regardless, Cameron asked consultant Serena Campbell to order Jenny an MRI, angering Bernie. However, she later apologised when the results showed significant damage to Jenny's occipital cortex and praised his diagnostic skills. (HC: "Parasite")

Bernie hugs Cameron before he departs for London. (HC: "Aces High")

In January 2017, discontent with working under his mother's shadow, Cameron decided to transfer to London without informing Bernie so she could focus on taking care of Serena in the wake of her daughter's death. However, Bernie soon heard the news from Morven, and the two shared a hug as Cameron was leaving the hospital. (HC: "Aces High") In May, Bernie brought Cameron back to Holby to serve as her mentee in treating a carotid pseudoaneurysm. She insisted that she wanted to help him progress through his career, but she later admitted that she wanted to get him away from his "ghastly" girlfriend in London. However, feeling as though she was mapping his future out for him, Cameron considered volunteering for a conservation project in Costa Rica. (HC: "The Heart Is a Small Thing") Nevertheless, upon his return to Holby, he kept in contact with Bernie and was happy for her and Serena's relationship. (HC: "Always Forever")

In July 2019, Cameron was informed that Bernie was missing in action following an explosion at an airport hospital in Mogadishu. (HC: "Honeymoon") Despite the chances of her survival being bleak and her body armour being identified in the rubble, Cameron refused to believe that his mother was dead and immediately dismissed a discussion about a funeral for Bernie with her fiancée Alex Dawson. (HC: "Don't Leave Me") The following week, Cameron learned that Bernie and Alex were engaged, leading him to believe that Bernie did not trust him. (HC: "Things My Mother Told Me")


Morven Digby

On 30 August 2016, while volunteering at the Hope Street Drop-In Centre, Cameron met fellow volunteer Morven who was also an F2 training at Holby City Hospital. Although Morven was initially put off by his lax attitude towards wasting resources and his unenthusiastic view on her trying to reconnect a homeless woman with her estranged daughter, but she eventually grew to like him. (HC: "Protect and Serve") Working with Morven quickly made him reconsider his decision to quit medicine, and he soon stopped volunteering at the centre in order to study to become a doctor again. (HC: "Parasite")

On 13 December, Cameron was unimpressed when Morven tried to teach him and the other F1s through roleplay and told her that she was "off [her] rocker"; she snapped at him and called him "incompetent". They later apologised to each other, and Cameron called her an "excellent" mentor. (HC: "Hallelujah") On 10 January 2017, as he was preparing to leave Holby for London, Jasmine Burrows suggested to him that Morven potentially had feelings for him. Cameron approached Morven about it, but she insisted that their relationship was purely platonic. Later that day, while they celebrated his departure, Cameron made a pass at Morven; she turned him down. (HC: "Aces High")

In May, Morven was taken aback when Cameron returned to Holby to observe an operation. Although she maintained that she did not have feelings for him, she was upset when she learned that he had a girlfriend in London. However, Morven was surprised when he offered her a chance to accompany him to Costa Rica for a conservation project. On the hospital roof, Cameron admitted that he only came back to Holby to see her, and the two shared a kiss. (HC: "The Heart Is a Small Thing")

Cameron and Morven share a kiss under the mistletoe. (HC: "Always Forever")

In July, Cameron proposed that he move closer to Morven, but she claimed that she was happy with their current situation. On 31 July, Morven slept with Damon Ford; the following day, she admitted to Cameron that she had cheated on him and broke up with him. (HC: "The Evolution of Woman") When Cameron was summoned to help out on AAU during a black alert on 24 December, he offered to ask for a ward transfer if Morven felt uncomfortable with his presence. However, after working well in theatre together and some personal reflection, Morven felt that she and Cameron had a future together; she resigned later that day and accompanied Cameron to Jamaica. (HC: "Always Forever") However, according to Cameron, Morven later cheated on him with a local bartender and broke up with him. (HC: "Everything Old Is New Again")

Chloe Godard

On 12 February 2019, when Chloe arrived on Darwin as a locum, Cameron tried to impress her by proposing fitting a patient named Mr Burman-Roy with a Vashtar valve. Although Chloe agreed to the procedure and praised his intuition, Cameron asserted that Nicky was responsible for the idea. Upon realising that he was lying, Chloe reprimanded him for making a scapegoat of Nicky. (HC: "Good Side") The following week, Cameron helped mend Chloe's mug, and the two agreed to have a drink together. (HC: "Never Say Never")

On 26 March, Nicky realised that Cameron fancied Chloe and encouraged him to ask her out. In the staff room, Cameron offered Chloe a ticket to a Janelle Monáe concert and a meal at an Ethiopian restaurant, but she declined. In the evening, Chloe admitted that his offer initially caught her off guard and accepted his invitation, but Cameron revealed that he had given the tickets away, so the two settled for a drink at Albie's. (HC: "Running")

The next day, Chloe took issue with Cameron discussing their night together with Nicky as her ex-boyfriend Evan Crowhurst was present on the ward. After Cameron lost the role of Junior Doctor Lead, he asked Chloe if she wanted to join him for a drink, but she declined and revealed that she was getting back together with Evan. (HC: "Ask No Questions")

On 4 June, Cameron refrained from telling Chloe that the news about her being Dominic Copeland's half-sister had spread around the hospital. However, when Evan exposed that Cameron knew, Chloe berated Cameron for not telling her. (HC: "In the Right Place") The following week, Cameron became concerned when Evan suggested that he and Chloe should move out of the shared flat, and he felt that Evan was influencing her relationship with Ange and Dominic. After Cameron set up a conversation between her and Dominic, Chloe confronted him and told him to stop interfering. Cameron reminded her that other people cared for her apart from Evan, but she asserted that only Evan understood her. Later that day, after Cameron managed to convince a patient named Roger Keelan to undergo surgery, Chloe was impressed by his work, but she was immediately turned off when Cameron made a pass at her. Nevertheless, Cameron recommended that Evan move into his and Nicky's flat as he searched for a new apartment, and Chloe enthusiastically agreed. (HC: "Over My Dead Body")

On 25 June, Cameron apologised to Chloe for attempting to kiss her, but she felt he was overreacting and urged him to "chill out". Later that day, when Cameron broke down on the ward, Chloe was the first to console him. (HC: "Kiss Kiss") On 30 July, after Bernie had been declared missing in action following an explosion in Mogadishu, a grief-stricken Cameron aggressively insisted on spending his day with Chloe, but she refused his advances. (HC: "Things My Mother Told Me")

On 27 August, Cameron and Nicky found Evan talking to Chloe in their apartment and ordered him to leave; when he refused, Cameron called the police. After Cameron instructed the officers to check Chloe's phone for Evan's harassing messages and told them that Evan's persistence had exacerbated Chloe's panic attacks, the officers ordered Evan to stop contacting Chloe on pain of prosecution. (HC: "Babysitters and Bystanders")

On 17 September, Cameron offered Chloe the keys to Bernie's cottage, and she gladly accepted. Later, she encouraged him to come to the cottage with her, but he declined. (HC: "Circle of Life")


Nicky McKendrick

After working with each other on AAU in December 2017, (HC: "Always Forever") Nicky was surprised when Cameron started working on Darwin on 8 January 2019. They were soon pitted against each other to diagnose a patient with a mysterious condition named Laurie, and Cameron announced that he was also applying for the Junior Doctor Lead post. Cameron managed to correctly diagnose Laurie's condition after receiving a hint from Tom Campbell-Gore, but he later admitted his deceitfulness to Nicky and offered to withdraw his application for the Junior Doctor Lead post; despite her exasperation, Nicky assured him that she would have done the same. (HC: "China Crisis")

By the following week, Cameron had secured the position of Junior Doctor Lead. Despite Jac's claims that Cameron won the role due to nepotism, Nicky insisted on treating him fairly. After Jac put Nicky in charge of treating a woman named Mel, Cameron exacerbated her condition by giving her morphine, and both he and Nicky were banned from theatre for two weeks. Furious, Nicky berated him for his position of privilege and asserted that they were "different". Later, Cameron admitted his fault and claimed that he desperately needed a friend; Nicky forgave him and forced him to attend a karaoke night. (HC: "The Burden of Proof")

On 22 January, Nicky agreed to produce a register of all the teaching days that were attended by junior doctors in the previous year for Cameron and spent most of her day calling each doctor individually. After discovering that Cameron had a complete register sent to him by the education centre, Nicky confronted him, but the two quickly came to an understanding. At Albie's, Cameron got all of the other junior doctors vodka, but he took Nicky's drink, gave it to another woman, and left Nicky with the bill. (HC: "A Daring Adventure or Nothing at All")

On 5 February, Cameron informed Nicky that Jac was searching for a research assistant for a conference in Naples. As the two competed for the place, Cameron convinced Nicky to have a power nap while Fletch attended a management meeting, ultimately leading to her losing the competition. However, after Zav confronted him about leaving Nicky with his bar bills, Cameron allowed Nicky to go on the trip as recompense. (HC: "Force Majeure") On 12 February, when Chloe Godard arrived on Darwin as a locum, Cameron tried to impress her by proposing fitting a patient named Mr Burman-Roy with a Vashtar valve. Chloe agreed and praised him for the idea, but he instead claimed that using the valve was Nicky's idea. When confronted, Cameron asserted that his peers had high expectations of him, and he needed to prove himself, but Nicky urged him to change his behaviour. Later that night, wanting to help him improve, Nicky gave him the keys to her flat. (HC: "Good Side") On 27 March, after Cameron had been demoted from the position of Junior Doctor Lead, Nicky was given the role; Cameron congratulated her, and the two shared a drink at Albie's. (HC: "Ask No Questions")

On 18 June, Nicky was irritated when Cameron chose to assist Kian Madani in performing an aortic arch repair and left her with a patient with an embedded foreign body, but she later forgave him when complications in theatre resulted in her performing a more complex operation. (HC: "Pigeon") The subsequent week, Cameron told Chloe that he felt that Evan knew about his pass at Chloe and was trying to "mess with" him, but Nicky told him to "grow up". (HC: "Kiss Kiss") On 2 July, after Kian left Nicky alone in theatre to deal with a bleeding aorta, Cameron asserted that he left her alone for his own enjoyment, but Nicky believed that Cameron was just jealous of her abilities and dared him to report Kian to Henrik. (HC: "Flying Solo")

On 29 July, after attending a memorial service for Bernie, Cameron got drunk and slept with Nicky; in the morning, the two acknowledged that their fling was a mistake. However, Nicky was later disappointed when she caught Cameron making a pass at Chloe. (HC: "Things My Mother Told Me")


Serena Campbell

In December 2018, Serena appreciated Cameron's help when he returned to Holby as a locum. and told him that there was always a place on AAU for him. Inspired by Serena's work, Cameron expressed an interest in returning to Holby permanently, and Serena offered to try and secure him a place on Darwin. (HC: "Everything Old Is New Again") In March 2019, Serena informed Cameron that he lost a Junior Doctor Lead role, but she told him that she believed in him and urged him to start proving her right. (HC: "Ask No Questions")

When Cameron moved back to AAU, Serena was concerned about his state of mind following the incident with Galvo, but Cameron insisted he was fine. After Cameron lost his confidence in theatre, Serena assured him that everyone had moments of self-doubt and encouraged him to keep moving forward. (HC: "Honeymoon") The following week, after it was learned that Bernie was missing in action following an explosion in Mogadishu, a sobbing Cameron confided in Serena about his distrust of Alex Dawson — Bernie's fiancée — who was pushing to organise her funeral. (HC: "Don't Leave Me")

On 30 July, Cameron took umbrage at Serena's flippant remark about not being "on the front line" and blamed her for allowing Bernie to return to the army. Later that day, after Cameron turned up drunk on the ward, Serena promised to always be there for him. (HC: "Things My Mother Told Me") The next day, Cameron tried to avoid Serena. When Alex was admitted to AAU following a road accident, tried of Cameron's animosity towards her, Serena forced him to work together with her. However, Cameron suspected that Serena and Alex had grown close and confronted Serena in theatre, resulting in her angrily ordering Cameron out of the room. Later that day, Cameron and Serena came to an understanding, and the two decided to take compassionate leave. (HC: "When Worlds Collide")

Jac Naylor

Upon Cameron's arrival on Darwin, Jac was unimpressed with Cameron's history of benefitting from nepotism and christened him with the nickname "Fauntleroy". (HC: "China Crisis") After Cameron had been awarded the position of Junior Doctor Lead, Jac gave him all of Nicky's total thoracic oesophagectomy procedures out of spite and was frustrated with Nicky's willingness to give him the benefit of the doubt. She became additionally exasperated when Cameron's godmother Verity Knotts, a board member of the Royal College of Surgeons, complained to her about her treatment of him. After Cameron exacerbated the condition of a patient by giving them morphine, Jac banned him and Nicky from theatre for two weeks. (HC: "The Burden of Proof")

On 26 March, after catching Cameron making inappropriate phone calls on the ward and neglecting his professional duties, Jac issued him with a verbal warning. (HC: "Running")

Xavier "Zav" Duval

On 5 February 2019, Zav confronted Cameron about him routinely leaving Nicky with his bar bills and suggested handing her the role of Junior Doctor Lead as atonement. (HC: "Force Majeure") On 26 March, Zav taunted Cameron after several women rejected his offer of attending a concert. After Cameron failed to find a date and had been issued with a formal warning, Zav told him that he needed to accept responsibility for his actions and warned him that women can "smell a player a mile off". (HC: "Running")

On 16 April, while Cameron spent his shift working on AAU, Zav served as his clinical supervisor. When Zav's mother Nanette was admitted to the ward, Zav felt that Cameron was deliberately trying to "wind [him] up", but Donna thought he was being paranoid. However, after Cameron correctly diagnosed Nanette with a hernia, Zav praised his diagnostic skills in his clinical assessment of him. Cameron felt as though Zav wrote a glowing report purely to get him off his shoulders and back on Darwin, but Zav stood by his assessment of him. (HC: "North and South")

On 10 September, Cameron notified Zav that Ric had mistakenly prescribed Tazocin to a patient with a penicillin allergy, but Zav told him to "put it down to experience". Later that day, Zav asked Cameron if Ric had made other clinical errors, but Cameron insisted that Ric knew what he was doing. (HC: "Gods and Monsters") The following week, Cameron told Zav that Ric confused two patients badly, but Zav warned him not to "go there". However, they were forced to intervene as Ric prepared to perform a bowel resection on a patient who did not need one. (HC: "Circle of Life")

Evan Crowhurst

On 27 March 2019, Evan overheard Cameron and Nicky discussing the former's night-out with Chloe. Although Evan approached Cameron and appeared accepting of his and Chloe's blossoming relationship, Evan took Cameron's smart card and wiped his SSI audit clean as an act of revenge; this later led to Cameron losing the position of Junior Doctor Lead. (HC: "Ask No Questions")

On 4 June, Evan told Chloe that Cameron was withholding the fact that the entire hospital knew about her relation to Dominic Copeland from her, and she berated Cameron for not telling her. Later that day, Cameron apologised and suggested celebrating her research project getting green-lighted, but Evan asserted that her colleagues would just gossip about her and convinced Chloe to spend the night alone with him. (HC: "In the Right Place")

The following week, Cameron became concerned when Evan suggested that he and Chloe should move out of the shared flat, and he felt that Evan was influencing her relationship with Ange and Dominic. (HC: "Over My Dead Body") On 25 June, Cameron overheard Evan talking to an unknown woman over the phone. On Darwin, Cameron and Evan disagreed over the treatment of a patient, but Evan later endorsed Cameron's proposed treatment. In a passing remark, Evan told Cameron that he felt the way people were treating him as a "mummy's boy" was unfair. However, after the patient died in surgery, Cameron confronted Evan about the phone calls and texts; Evan revealed that he knew about Cameron's lunge at Chloe and explained that, as she was previously in a very abusive relationship, she needed him. When Cameron returned to the flat, he found that Evan had left his photo of Bernie on his bed to mock him. (HC: "Kiss Kiss") On 2 July, Evan taunted Cameron after Nicky took the lead in theatre and successfully fixed a bleeding aorta without Kian Madani's assistance. When Evan learned that Cameron had reported Kian to Hanssen, Evan accused him of throwing Kian under a bus and branded him a "loser". (HC: "Flying Solo")

On 27 August, Cameron and Nicky found Evan in their apartment and ordered him to leave; when he refused, Cameron called the police. After Cameron instructed the officers to check Chloe's phone for Evan's harassing messages and told them that Evan's persistence had exacerbated Chloe's panic attacks, the officers ordered Evan to stop contacting Chloe on pain of prosecution. (HC: "Babysitters and Bystanders")

Kian Madani

When Kian arrived on Darwin on 23 April 2019, Cameron felt there was "something about him" and was confounded by his bizarre eating habits. (HC: "Pleased To Meet You") Nevertheless, Cameron enjoyed working with him and thought he was "cool". (HC: "Ex Marks the Spot") On 25 June, after Cameron broke down on the ward after losing a patient, Kian assured him that his reaction was normal, but he needed to realise that nobody was "out to get" him. (HC: "Kiss Kiss")

The following week, Kian left Cameron to treat a man named Mason who had an atrial septal defect. However, after Cameron neglected to order a CMR, and Mason's condition worsened, Kian gave the case to Nicky. After Kian left Nicky alone in theatre to deal with a bleeding aorta, a horrified Cameron reported his actions to Hanssen. When Cameron accepted a transfer to AAU, Kian told Cameron that he could have voiced his concerns to him, but Cameron asserted that he did not feel as though he could. (HC: "Flying Solo")

Ric Griffin

On 30 July, a drunken Cameron noticed that Ric had mistakenly ordered for 40 millimoles of potassium in Rob Dennehey's drip. (HC: "Things My Mother Told Me") On 27 August, Ric asked Cameron to treat a woman named Kristy who he believed to be a member of the hospital trust. However, Kristy later revealed that she was actually the owner of a pie shop. Cameron approached Ric about the misunderstanding, but Ric pretended that he created a subterfuge to test Cameron's attentiveness to his patients' lives and backgrounds. (HC: "Babysitters and Bystanders")

On 10 September, Cameron noticed that Ric had prescribed Tazocin to a patient that was allergic to penicillin, but he still believed that Ric was cognizant of his actions. (HC: "Gods and Monsters") The following week, Cameron was forced to rebuke Ric when he began discussing a palliative care package with a patient that was expected to make a full recovery, but Ric once again claimed that it was a deliberate training exercise.

In the afternoon, Ric was incandescent when Darla went into labour in Cameron's apartment. However, as Darla did not want Ric involved in the delivery, Cameron was forced to perform an MSV and deliver Darla's daughter. Back on AAU, Cameron approached Ric and suggested that he was showing signs of dementia, but Ric took offence and berated Cameron for being an "average" doctor and a "liability". (HC: "Circle of Life") Later that day, Ric refused Cameron's demand for a dementia test and harshly criticised his skills in theatre, causing Cameron to lose his confidence and stumble out of the room. Having had enough of Ric's behaviour, Cameron told him that he was done covering up his mistakes and "dancing around [his] ego", and declared that Ric was on his own. (HC: "Retreat") In the evening, following a fall, Ric informed Cameron that he was scanned, and the results showed the presence of a brain tumour instead of dementia. (HC: "Divine Justice")


Behind the scenes

Nic Jackman portrayed Cameron in Holby City on a recurring basis from August 2016 to December 2017. He later reprised his role as Cameron from January 2019 to March 2021.