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"Care in the Community" is the 124th episode of Casualty and the 20th episode of the 8th series.


The staff worry about their jobs, since the department is merging with Queens and they all have to reapply. A mentally ill man is unable to get his medication from a chemist and slashes his own face with a knife before stabbing a pregnant woman who got in his way on the stairs. At the hospital, the woman's boyfriend attacks him and Charlie, Ash and Frankie intervene. The woman breaks up with her boyfriend and forgives her attacker. An elderly woman is knocked over by a shop security guard who is chasing a shoplifter. It turns out she is addicted to stealing gloves and returns some surgical gloves she stole from the hospital to Frankie. Mie tells Ash she isn't sure if she can move into his spare room because her family are worried she is getting too westernised. A Filipino woman escapes from a building through a window but when some workers try to talk to her she panics and walks into a parking meter. It turns out her employer is treating her like a slave and physically abusing her; Mike and Rachel convince her to report the woman.

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