"Caring" Is the 40th episode of Casualty and the 10th and final episode of the 3rd series. It was preceded by "Inferno" and followed by "Chain Reaction." The episode was directed by Tim Dowd and written by Jeremy Brock.


When a drugs rep talks to a doctor about a drug that some of his patients are taking, is now under review, he requests they all be called in for a consultation and then goes off to start his Locum duty at Casualty. An elderly patient, who took the pledge years ago is furious when Dr David Rowe tells her the gripe water she takes for indigestion, contains alcohol. A retired consultant arrives with her GP husband,knowing what's wrong and she's admitted for a cancer operation. Charlie changes Valerie's bandages and then asks her out but before she can give him her answer, there is an emergency which he has to attend to. Kevin brings his brother Robert in, unconscious and he dies. Dr David Rowe diagnoses the probable cause was his medication and blames his GP. Little does he realise, the Locum on duty is the GP, who breaks the news to Kevin. The two doctors are at odds over it at first but realise they're both on the same side and resolve their differences.

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