Carl Jenkins (born 1993/1994) is a man incarcerated in HMP Stonehurst.


After his incarceration, he began soliciting drugs from prison officer Liz Gage and dealing them to other inmates. However, on 13 July 2019, Carl was furious to discover that she had not planted drugs in his cell and confronted her. When she refused to continue dealing with him, he put her in a headlock and threatened her with a shiv. She continued to resist and was stabbed, and Carl gave his accomplices her keys to start a riot. His cellmate Stan Villiers pushed him onto the wire mesh net, injuring him. Carl, along with Liz and Stan, were subsequently taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for treatment.

To prevent him from causing trouble with the other injured prisoners, troubleshooter Ciaran Coulson moved Carl to resus. There, he claimed that he had deep vein thrombosis, but consultant Will Noble pointed out to Connie Beauchamp that there was no mention of it in his notes and suggested that he was lying. Carl then proclaimed that the riot started because the inmates were not receiving their supply of drugs from the officers and asked Connie to give him more pain-relief before he was sent back to prison; she ignored his request and ordered a D-dimer test and a post-cast X-ray instead.

On his way back from an X-ray, staff nurse Marty Kirkby allowed Carl to go to the disabled toilets; unbeknownst to him, Carl was expecting to find the envelope containing the drugs there. However, he was furious to discover that Liz's husband Stephen had refused to deliver the drugs, and a fight broke out when Stephen labelled him as "scum". Later, Connie injected Carl with what she thought was lidocaine to anaesthetise his hand for suturing. When registrar Archie Hudson attempted the procedure, he shouted in pain; Connie had unknowningly given Carl saline, and Liz had been given the lidocaine, causing her to go into cardiac arrest. (CAS: Episode 1135)

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