Carmel Sims is the daughter of Steph Sims and a friend of Connie Beauchamp's daughter Grace. Carmel attends Holby Grammar School.


At the end of May 2016, Carmel and Steph attended the school's sports day along with Connie and Grace. When Connie won the parents race against Steph, Carmel informed Grace that her mum would be in a bad mood for losing. As a result of this, Grace and Connie purposely lost the next race so Carmel would be friends with Grace.

In August[1] Grace and Carmel were good friends. However, after a sleepover Carmel slipped on the trampoline and broke her leg. Once admitted to the ED following help from Connie, it transpired that Steph had been psychologically abusing Carmel and Carmel had been self harming by scratching her stomach. Social services were called, and Steph was left furious and ultimately pursued Connie in her car. This led to Connie driving off a cliff when Steph braked on a corner of the road near the ledge.

Behind the scenes

Sydney Wade portrayed Carmel Sims in 2016. She additionally appeared briefly in "What Lies Beneath", although she had no lines and was uncredited. Despite being credited as Carmel Sims, her name on the board by her hospital bed in "Sticks and Stones" said Carmel Simms.


  1. Events partially took place in an episode that aired in July, but took place in-universe in August.
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