Carrie Procter (born 2003/2004) is a girl who lives in Holby.


Carrie is a foster child with type 1 diabetes. By June 2019, in eight years, she had been in 12 different foster homes. At some point, Emma Willson became her foster mother.

On 22 June 2019, before their six-month review, Emma took Carrie to an outdoor gym session at a park, but she ran off. However, whilst running, she lost her vision and collided with the side of a bus. Sister Lisa "Duffy" Duffin - a passenger - managed to reduce an open fracture to Carrie's humerus and gave her some of her sports drink when she became hypoglycaemic. She was subsequently taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for further treatment. Once she stabilised, Carrie told Emma that she hit the bus by tripping over one of her shoelaces.

Once Carrie was taken to a cubicle, Duffy connected her to a bag of water and glucose. Once she was alone, she removed the lead and drained the solution into her pillow. She promptly became hypoglycaemic again and had a seizure. After she came back around, following a conversation with Duffy, Emma pledged to help Carrie with managing her diabetes, but she asserted that she did not need her help and claimed that she was not a substitute for her daughter Evie who committed suicide. Horrified, Emma left resus.

Later, when clinical nurse manager Charlie Fairhead left to find her social worker Sally, Carrie left resus and went to a toilet cubicle to empty her glucose bag. Duffy subsequently found her and confronted her about using insulin to lose weight, but Carrie claimed that nobody cared about her. After Duffy retrieved her from the coffee shop, Emma promised Carrie that she would never leave her. Convinced, Carrie opened her cubicle and accepted treatment. (CAS: Episode 1132)

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