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"Cascade" was the fifteenth and final episode of Series 6 and the 80th episode of Casualty overall. It was originally scheduled to air on 20 December 1991 but was delayed by two months as its original airing date was the day before the third anniversary of the Lockerbie disaster in the Scottish borders in which 270 people had been killed.


Horror strikes at Holby Airport when a plane full of holidaymakers returning from Greece crashes into an embankment. The team is off duty enjoying Beth's leaving party but are soon on red alert to help the victims. Julian and Ash assist at the scene with cases including a man and a 7 year old girl trapped in the cabin. Back at Holby, Beth, Charlie and Duffy deal with the intake of casualties through the night. One is the pilot crushed by the controls. An old lady is trampled on, in the rush to get out. She has chest and pelvic injuries and dies in CRASH. Her husband is searching for her at the accident site but collapses with chest pains. Ash and Charlie ponder Holby's future as a trust hospital and Jimmy reveals to be leaving for a job driving a van. He gets the job but there's one slight problem - he has to learn to drive first.