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"Castles in the Air" is the 168th episode of Casualty and the 16th episode of the 10th series.


Jude discovers her bag has been stolen. Matt realises Brian is behind the thefts and forces him to return it. Trevor and Kate learn what has been going on; Matt gives Brian a train ticket and tells him to leave town. Mike is angry when one of Daniel's patients is admitted to a ward ahead of one of his because of having an influential GP; he has a go at Reeve-Jones but Peter warns him Reeve-Jones is a dangerous enemy to make. An old woman dies in hospital after slipping on a potato and falling down the stairs; Daniel tries to explain to her husband, who has dementia, what happened. Josh and Liz are being dogged by a fake paramedic (Peter Copley). When a young boy is stranded on a country road having an asthma attack and the 999 call gives the wrong location, the imposter finds them and gives the boy an injection of adrenaline, causing him to have a heart attack. The hospital staff save him but the boy's father goes after the imposter and runs him over; they are both arrested. Rachel finds Tim working as a porter at the hospital: He tells her they can be together now he is a colleague rather than an ex-patient.

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