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Casualty@Holby City is a series of crossover episodes between sister shows Casualty and Holby City. So far, nine crossover episodes have aired under the programme title of Casualty@Holby City.


Series # Episode Original Airdate
1 Casualty@Holby City - Part 1 26 December 2004
The team of Holby pull together when a fuel tanker crashes into the hospital causing fire to rip through the hospital.
2 Casualty@Holby City - Part 2 28 December 2004
Fire crews fight the blaze at Holby as staff and patients battle through the inferno trying to find away out.
3 Something We Can Do 27 August 2005
As part of the BBC's DoNation season, Casualty and Holby City join forces for a special, interactive episode in which viewers vote to determine the outcome of an organ donation storyline.
4 Teacher's Pet 24 October 2005
5 Crash and Burn 25 October 2005
6 Test Your Metal 26 October 2005
7 A Great Leap Forward 27 October 2005
8 Deny Thy Father - Part 1 24 December 2005
It's the Holby City Trust's Christmas Party, but as staff make their way to the venue, they are trapped when a tunnel collapses.
9 Deny Thy Father - Part 2 27 December 2005
As news of the tunnel collapse reaches the hospital, everyone struggles to concentrate on their work, not knowing if their friends and colleagues are dead or alive. Meanwhile, one of the casualties confesses to possessing stolen toxic chemicals, which have started to leak into the tunnel.