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"Cat in Hell" is the 105th episode of Casualty and the series premiere of the 8th series. It was preceded by "Boiling Point" and followed by "Riders on the Storm". The episode was directed by Matthew Evans and written by Susan Wilkins. This episode also sees the arrivals of Mark Calder, Karen Goodliffe, Adele Beckford and Ken Hodges.


The team battle to treat victims of a train crash caused when a group of young boys steal a Cortina and, fleeing from police, allow it to stall on a level crossing. The car is pushed along the track and finally crushed at the mouth of a tunnel, while the train itself is derailed, part of it jack-knifing and causing deaths, appalling injuries and panic amongst trapped passengers. At one point a severed hand has to be scooped from the wreckage.

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