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"Chain Reactions" is the 177th episode of Casualty and the 1st episode of the 11th series.


Mike is back at the department to oversee the launch of a new Resus unit. Kate is now sister but her husband Trevor has been left in a vegetative state after his accident. Jude and new SHO Richard McCaig help Dorothea, a woman who has a tampon stuck in her cervix. Brothers Rick and Toby work with security guard Greg on a warehouse robbery. When Greg's boss comes back unexpectedly, Greg tells the brothers to lock him in the warehouse but manages to set off the fireworks inside by damaging a fuse box and is killed in the explosion. In the confusion, Toby falls and hits his head, dying in hospital. Rick is arrested and admits he only did the robberies because Rick was suffering from depression after losing his arm in a car accident. Baz is on the maternity ward and Charlie is dividing his time between her and the department; he rushes to be by her side as their son Louis Charles is born by caesarean. A mother, Sarah, is distraught when her husband walks out on her and drives off with her two children. She goes to a pub alone where she suffers a panic attack. It is eventually discovered she left the children tied up in her car boot. She is admitted for psychiatric care.

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