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"Charity" is the 46th episode of Casualty and the 6th episode of the 4th series. It was preceded by "Vital Spark" and followed by "Victim of Circumstances". The episode was directed by Sue Butterworth and written by Margaret Phelan.


Grumpy old man, Ivor collapses and his wife, Avril calls for an ambulance. He's snakey to Lucy as she tries to find out a little about him and he refuses to have an operation to relieve a blood clot on his leg. She falls and Duffy finds he hits her and tries to help her but she refuses. Valerie trying to raise funds for the hospital at a posh ball. Simon's taken ill and goes outside then collapses. Wife goes looking for him. A family rowing brings on an asthma attack on little Emily as they try to live in a tiny caravan. The father goes with her but she stops breathing and the ambulance team have to dash through the cars. As they try to save her, Alex has to comfort the father but she dies. An old lady is admitted but there's no hope for her but she's kept in the corridor as they try to find her a bed and Megan tries to comfort her. Richard Godley talks to Lucy about his inexperience. Dan and wife, Sarah come and she's in a state. She's got an eptopic pregnancy.

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