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"Chasing the Dragon" is the 132nd episode of Casualty and the episode of the 9th series.


Mike is reluctant to discuss his marital problems with Ash in Charlie's absence but eventually confides in him, unaware Kate has already filled him in. Two homeless teenagers, Vicki and Karen, agree to work as prostitutes for a madam, Steph. She injects them both with heroin, unaware it is a powerful strain, and Karen dies of an overdose. Vicki makes a statement to the police but ignores Kate's offer of help and goes back to Steph, while Rachel's recent experiences have put her off helping patients. A man who has made extreme changes to his diet is revealed to have kept the fact he has cancer from his wife. Josh brings in a woman who claims she had a fall but admits to Eddie she crashed the car and doesn't want her husband to find out. When he returns home early, he reports the car stolen and his wife keeps quiet, even when the owner of the garage where she left the car is arrested. Matt arranges a date with student nurse Claire, while Adam is bothered by the presence in the department of registrar Glen Quinn, his former wife's new husband.

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