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"Cheatin' Hearts" is the 174th episode of Casualty and the 22nd episode of the 10th series.


A woman named Karen convinces her friend Danni to spy on her boyfriend Tony, who works in a restaurant and who she believes is having an affair with a colleague, Vicki. Danni quickly realizes nothing is going on but Tony comforts Vicki when a customer gropes her; Karen sees them together, drives her car at them and crashes. Danni tells Tony what happened and he breaks up with Karen. A man named Len takes his family to see his mother and is angry to find his brother Barry is moving in with her. A fight between the two brothers sees Barry bang his head; at the hospital, Len learns Barry has terminal cancer. Tim turns up and convinces Daniel to give him Rachel's temporary address. Baz learns Daniel misdiagnosed a patient and he is sent home after breaking down. A youngster named Steve tries to get his friend Michael to help him steal a car. He does it on his own but crashes after realising there is a baby in the back seat. Michael steals Charlie's car to find Steve, whose injuries have been exacerbated by diabetes, and gets him to hospital. The police sergeant running the investigation turns out to be Steve's father and he convinces Charlie not to press charges against Michael.

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