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Chloe Godard (born 1988/1989) is a registrar in cardiothoracic surgery who worked on Holby City Hospital's Darwin Ward from 2019 to 2021.


Early life

Chloe was born to Ange Godard and an unknown man. For the first five years of her life, Chloe lived with her grandmother while Ange attended medical school; until Ange re-entered her life, Chloe believed that her grandmother was her mother. On Chloe's 12th birthday, Ange took her to a restaurant and told her that her father was a rapist. (HC: "A Simple Lie - Part Two")

At some point, Chloe began working at Capel Cross Hospital. In September 2018, (HC: "A Simple Lie - Part Two") Chloe entered a relationship with general surgeon Evan Crowhurst, but Ange took issue and voiced her concerns, infuriating Chloe. (HC: "Mad as Hell") In the end, though, Chloe did not see her relationship with Evan as a serious one. (HC: "A Simple Lie - Part One") At around the same time, Chloe began studying for a PhD. (HC: "Force Majeure")

Arrival at Holby City and the Holly Cartwright case

In either 2015 or 2016, while training as a junior doctor, Chloe treated a girl with Marfan syndrome named Holly Cartwright who required an aortic valve replacement; Holly found the situation distressing, but she trusted Chloe. On 29 January 2019, after failing to convince Holly to agree to an appendectomy, Ange reluctantly called Chloe to Holby City Hospital's Young Adult Unit to help calm Holly down. Holly was immediately relieved to see Chloe and asked her to perform the surgery; as Chloe was not cleared to operate, Ange allowed her to observe instead. However, in theatre, Chloe continued to express her indignation towards Ange for interfering in her relationship, forcing Ange to apologise. During the operation, Chloe and Ange discovered that Holly was suffering from an abdominal aortic aneurysm, but they were forced to leave it for a future operation due to her having intra-abdominal sepsis. (HC: "Mad as Hell")

The following week, CEO Henrik Hanssen authorised Chloe as a locum cardiothoracic registrar so she could assist with Holly's case. However, Holly refused to undergo the AAA operation as she wanted to see her father Michael first. She eventually consented to surgery; Chloe almost missed out on the operation due to her being called down to the emergency department as a cardiac consult. In surgery, Ange and Chloe managed to insert a graft, but Holly experienced a massive bleed due to a tear above it. Although they managed to suture the tear and closed Holly up, Ange decided to order a precautionary head CT scan. Chloe was heartbroken when Holly's scan results showed evidence of cerebral atrophy and blamed herself for not remaining with Holly; Ange assured her that they did their best to save Holly. (HC: "Force Majeure")

On 12 February, while still a part of Holly's case, Chloe was assigned to Darwin to cover for Frieda Petrenko. On Keller, Chloe became increasingly frustrated when Holly's mother Ruth refused to accept the graveness of her condition and accused Ange of giving her and Michael false hope; Ange believed that Chloe was emotionally compromised and told her to take a step back from the case. On Darwin, F2s Cameron Dunn and Nicky McKendrick proposed fitting Mr Burman-Roy with a Vashtar valve to Chloe, and she approved the procedure. However, she later confronted Cameron after he attempted to scapegoat Nicky by claiming that she proposed using the valve. Later, Ange explained to Chloe that she was only trying to protect her, but Chloe suggested that Ange's decision to "bottle [her emotions] away" meant that she could not handle Holly's case. (HC: "Good Side")

On 19 February, Chloe was called onto Keller to help deliver a baby boy, but he was born asystolic. Chloe and staff nurse Essie Di Lucca attempted to resuscitate the child; their efforts were unsuccessful, and the neonatal crash team were nowhere to be seen. After taking a short moment to "connect" and "find" the child, Chloe recommenced chest compressions, and the baby's heart rate swiftly returned. A video of the event recorded by the father quickly spread throughout the hospital, lauding Chloe as a "miracle doctor". In the staffroom on Keller, while helping Chloe mend her broken mug, Cameron empathised with her profession relationship with Ange, and the two agreed to have a drink. (HC: "Never Say Never")

The following month, Jac Naylor — Holby City's director of cardiothoracics — offered Chloe a permanent position on Darwin, but Chloe was unsure. (HC: "A Simple Lie - Part One") In the afternoon, she was taken aback when Evan appeared on Keller. She felt guilty for treating him "abominably", but Evan assured her that he always knew where he stood with her and asked her to return to Capel Cross. Later, Chloe informed Evan that she was remaining in Holby and broke up with him; Evan proclaimed that he was not going to give up on her. (HC: "A Simple Lie - Part Two")

Following Holly Cartwright's death, Chloe was keen to attend her funeral, but Ange believed that Ruth would not want to see them. On Darwin, Cameron invited Chloe to a Janelle Monáe concert and then an Ethiopian restaurant, but Chloe turned him down. Later that day, at Albie's, Chloe explained that, with the situation with Evan and Holly's funeral, his offer "caught [her] off guard", and she accepted his offer of the concert tickets, but Cameron admitted that he had given them away; Chloe told him to buy her a drink as compensation. (HC: "Running")

Behind the scenes

Amy Lennox portrayed Chloe in Holby City from January 2019 to September 2021.