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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Choose Your Illusion" was the twenty-first episode of series 25 and the 755th episode of Casualty overall.


It's Kirsty and Warren's anniversary. Warren has bought her some bowling shoes and suggests they go bowling, just like they used to. Kirsty knows that she has to give her marriage a chance but when she calls in sick, Adam becomes worried. He tries to get in touch, which ignites Warren's rage. Nita is sent up to her room while her mum faces a vicious Warren, with devastating effects.

Ruth is highly agitated. Everywhere she looks she sees the words "help me" – in the tattoo of a patient, in a letter and in a voiceless plea from young Katy, who has been brought in by Dixie and Jeff. She takes Katy to the on-call room to be operated on, convinced that a tumour is causing Katy to hear voices. How does she know? Because Ruth can hear the voices, too...

Jordan is in the middle of a prestigious surgical procedure when Zoe arrives to beg him to come back to the ED to talk Ruth round. Can Jordan get to Ruth before she opens up Katy's skull?