Chris Nicol is a man who lives in Holby.


On 8 June 2019, in an attempt to join a gang that Chris was a part of, his step-brother Jason helped him steal a man's phone on a motorbike. However, the man managed to wrestle Jason off the bike, and Chris accidentally hit an elderly woman named Barbara before making his escape. Chris informed the gang of their failure and urged them to accept Jason, and leader Brandon Nott suggested that he would tell the police about them and maintained that he was still not a member.

Chris later visited Jason in Holby City Hospital's emergency department and told him that he blew his chance of getting into the gang, but he did not care anymore as he only wanted to join to feel safer. When Barbara started to crash next door, Jason decided to take the blame for the accident and told Chris to leave. Outside the department, Chris informed Brandon that Jason was going to take full responsibility for the accident. Brandon assured him that he was "sound" and urged him to leave the area, but Chris had second thoughts. He returned to Jason's bedside and vowed to tell the police exactly what happened. (CAS: Episode 1130)

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