"Clean Slate"

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"Clean Slate" is the 718th episode of Casualty and the 32nd episode of the 24th series.


A DNA test proves once and for all whether or not Jordan is Kieron’s father and Jay grasps an opportunity to clear his name.

Following Kieron’s motorcycle accident, Jordan is annoyed to find their situation the subject of gossip in the hospital. After Tess persuades Jordan to visit Kieron, he finds himself thawing towards the young medic but is determined not to become too involved until the DNA results come back. Will the test prove that the two sparring doctors are indeed father and son?

Keen to clear his name over the clinical trial incident, Jay comes to the ED to get Tess and Ruth on his side. Ruth avoids him but her suspicions about the safety of the clinical trial are aroused when Fairfax asks her to administer half the usual dosage to a patient. Can she find the missing notes which prove exactly who was at fault all along?

Adam spends more time with Lyn and once again enjoys being in the chaotic family atmosphere he so misses. But Lyn becomes suspicious that Adam is only interested in her children and after an angry confrontation she orders him to leave. In an extremely dark mood, Adam drives off into the night.

Meanwhile, May is uneasy when she can’t get hold of Yuki and pensioner Evelyn is persuaded that she doesn’t have to face her medical problems alone.

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