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"Close to Home" is the 55th episode of Casualty and the 3rd episode of the 5th series. It was preceded by "Results" and followed by "Street Life". The episode was directed by Alan Wareing and written by Jim Hill.


Megan is woken by a crying child and when she investigates, she sees the mother leaving, alone, so she gets ready for work. As she goes to catch the bus, she passes Tony Walker, the Social Worker but he fails to get her attention. Jimmy, the porter, wakes up in a strange place after a night out on the tiles and has to rush off to work. He doesn't impress Julian Chapman by arriving unshaven but Charlie steps in and gives him his electric shaver, to spruce himself up. Debbie, a young mother of two children, has to leave the hostel because of the no eating policy but she has very little money to buy anything. She returns later and borrows a portable stove to heat some soup up for her son, Richie. As she attends to her baby daughter, Richie grabs the saucepan handle and he's badly scolded. When they arrive at Casualty, Charlie puts in a report to the Social Services because he thinks the child might be at risk.

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