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"Combat Indicators - Part Two" is the 569th episode of Casualty and the 28th episode of the 21st series.


Kelsey takes it upon herself to tell the whole department about Cyd catching Greg and Andrea in the ambulance together. Embarrased about the whole situation, Greg tells Andrea that they should keep quiet about their relationship. Jeff and Dixie arrive at a farm where the farmer has discovered an unexploded WWII bomb. They head into the field to find three badly injured children and realise they need a doctor - leaving Cyd and Greg to bring Andrea to the scene. A reporter who was taking photos in a nearby churchyard when the bomb went off is admitted to the hospital and asks Kelsey to persuade Nathan to let him report on the aftermath of the bomb. However when Derek realises that the reporter plans to ditch Kelsey for Nadia, he encourages Kelsey to find a way of getting Nadia out of the picture.

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