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"Compensation" is the 158th episode of Casualty and the 6th episode of the 10th series.


A group of cyclists are involved in an altercation with a sports car driver, who is dating the ex-girlfriend of one of the lead cyclists (Ben Hull). He ends up causing an accident in which a number of cyclists suffer minor injuries but his girlfriend stands by him. The mother of a boy with cerebral palsy is trying to sue the hospital where he was born for negligence but loses the case. In the meantime, her husband takes the boy into hospital with an infection and Ash convinces her to focus her efforts on caring for him. Her solicitor (Alphonsia Emmanuel) runs over an old lady and takes her to hospital where she collapses herself; she is pregnant and makes peace with her boyfriend (Cyril Nri), who wants her to reduce her workload. Trevor applies for a job as head of security at the hospital and clearly has history with Matt. Ash tells Jude he is standing down as union rep, while Charlie confides in Rachel about his affair with Baz.

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