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Connie's house is the current residence of Connie Beauchamp.

In January 2015, Connie had a meeting with a social worker after she was seen to not be showing Grace enough attention due to a busy work schedule.

After Grace had gone to live with Audrey, Connie went into a room with Grace's belongings and cried, whilst she called her solicitor to enquire about the Hailey Blake case.

In July 2016, Connie stopped off at her house on the way to a conference to tell Grace that a childminder would be looking after her for the night shortly before leaving with Jacob.

The following month, Grace discovered that Connie and Jacob had got back together after she walked in on them kissing when she went to her house to get Connie's help after her friend Carmel injured herself on a trampoline. (CAS: "Sticks and Stones")

In October 2016, Connie was discharged from hospital and returned home after her critical car accident when she drove of a high cliff. Although she doesn't return permanently as she takes to staying by Grace's hospital bedside until Grace is discharged.

In November 2016, Connie and Grace return home, with Connie's boyfriend Jacob Masters, who Connie asks to move in with her and Grace. In December 2016, Connie, Jacob and Grace celebrate Christmas together.

In January 2017, Connie and Jacob split up and Jacob moved out, leaving Connie and Grace living together by themselves. (CAS: "Little Sister") The following month, Sam Sratchan returned from the US for Elle Gardner's tribunal. (CAS: "You Are Your Only Limit") In March, Grace refused to eat or drink with Connie, but happily did so with her carer. Hugo Bonning, a friend of Grace, went to visit them.

Behind the scenes

In Holby City, Connie's address was 23 Agincourt Place. However, in "What Lies Beneath", the number 11 is seen by the door of her house, indicating that she's since moved.