Connor Christie (born 2002/2003) is the son of Mercedes Christie and Vince Callaghan.


In February 2016, Mercedes revealed to Big Mac that Shelle Jones had threatened to hurt Connor. The following month, Connor turned up at the ED with Mercedes who had been admitted following drug induced fits. Max looked after Connor for the day, but they primarily spent it playing basketball with Jez.

In April, Connor called Max for help after he fell in a bin whilst trying to retrieve his toy which one of his neighbours, a teenage girl, had thrown in. In the ED, Mercedes arrived and accused Max of being a paedophile as she was confused as to why Connor had called him and not her, but Zoe quickly intervened and defended him. Later in the day, Connor went to visit his neighbor who had also been admitted to the ED with her friends after they later took drugs and were involved in an accident at the quarry.

At the end of April, Vince and Mercedes left Connor in the car when they turned up at the ED after she'd been beaten up by Shelle. However whilst they were in there, Shelle recognised their car and convinced Connor to go back to her house with her. Max expressed concern after Mercedes told him about Shelle, and when Vince and Max noticed that Connor was gone, they decided to drive to Shelle's house to see if he was there. Vince was chased off by Shelle's bodyguard upon arrival, and Max went inside to try and reason with Shelle. They had an argument and Connor climbed up a ladder which Shelle had forbidden him to do. He fell through a hole in the floor above into a room where she was growing cannabis. Max went to help, and Shelle left soon after. Max was able to get help from Zoe and she turned up to help him get Connor back to hospital. The following week, Mercedes, Vince and Connor decided to move away from Holby.

Behind the scenesEdit

Toby Murray portrayed Connor for just over a month on Casualty.

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