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Curtis Cooper (198325 July 2009) was a paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service from February 2008 until his death in July 2009.


Early life

Curtis grew up on the Farmead housing estate in Holby (CAS: "Saturday Night Fever") with his mother and his older brother Luke. Unbeknownst to their mother, Curtis and Luke became involved in the local drug-dealing scene and grew increasingly notorious for their ruthlessness. (CAS: "Own Personal Jesus", "No Fjords in Finland - Part Two") In May 2003, (CAS: "Before a Fall") a major deal went awry, and Luke was stabbed to death by Tony Reece — one of the estate's most infamous and violent drug dealers. (CAS: "Own Personal Jesus", "Price of Life", "No Fjords in Finland - Part Two") At some point, Curtis converted to Christianity and "turned the other cheek"; he subsequently began training as an ambulance technician. (CAS: "The Great Pretenders")

First shifts with the Holby Ambulance Service

On 1 March 2008, Curtis began his first shift with the Holby Ambulance Service and soon found himself on the receiving end of a scared patient's fist. Later that day, while Curtis was working with Jeff Collier, a patient named Petra took offence at Jeff's jokes and decided to lodge a formal complaint. Jeff took issue with Curtis giving credence to Petra's complaint and later refused Curtis' offer of a drink when Petra accused Jeff of racism. (CAS: "Silent All These Years") However, two weeks later, Curtis defended Jeff when he was attacked by a gang of youths, gaining his respect back. (CAS: "Diamond Dogs")

On 26 April, Curtis and Snezana Lalovic were called to Whitecliff House on Farmead, and Curtis was greeted by Ben Franks — a member of a former rival gang — who had been shot with a nailgun. Despite Curtis affirming that he was "saved" and was a changed man, Ben was still sceptical of Curtis' transformation and warned him that Tony Reece would be "seeing [him]" upon his release from prison. (CAS: "The Great Pretenders")

Relationship with Alice and Tony Reece's release

Curtis offers Alice his shoulder to cry on after a falling-out with Kelsey. (CAS: "Salt and Sugar")

On healthcare assistant Alice Chantrey's birthday, Curtis joined her to celebrate it at a night club. However, after a falling-out with Kelsey Phillips, Alice got unusually drunk and started dancing intimately with random men. When one made a pass at Alice, Curtis intervened and violently restrained the man; Curtis' colleagues were forced to calm him down before he loosened his grip and escorted the man out. Privately, Curtis assured Alice that Kelsey would get over her anger and lent her his shoulder to cry on. As the two were about to kiss, Alice accidentally vomited on Curtis' shoes. (CAS: "Salt and Sugar")

On 20 September, Curtis encouraged Alice to shadow him during a shift; (CAS: "Interventions") Alice accepted his offer. While working together, the two grew closer. However, while Curtis pursued a thug on the Farmead estate who had stolen a drug kit, he was recognised by members of the local criminal scene and warned that Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon — the paramedic whose ambulance collided with Farmead resident Sammy Malone — would pay. (CAS: "Face Up") Afterwards, Alice urged Curtis to do whatever he could to help Dixie, but Curtis asserted that it was "just talk"; (CAS: "Hurt") Curtis eventually told Jeff about the threats. (CAS: "There and Back Again")

In October, Tony Reece was released from prison on probation and began appearing at shouts that Curtis was attending. Anxious, Curtis turned down Alice's offer of dinner together and snapped at her. (CAS: "The Evil That Men Do") On 9 November, after a mother's death was caused by one of Tony's clients, an irate Curtis broke up into Tony's flat and threatened to report him to the police, but Curtis walked away when Tony attempted to goad him into punching him and consequently revealing his history to his colleagues. When Curtis returned to Holby City Hospital's emergency department with facial lacerations, Alice expressed her concerns and demanded to know what he felt he could not tell her. Curtis took Alice to visit Luke's grave at the cemetry and opened up to her about his past; Alice believed that Curtis had changed and promised not to tell their colleagues about his history. (CAS: "Own Personal Jesus")

On 20 December, Curtis and Alice were preparing for their first official date, but Alice was unimpressed when Curtis decided to take her to the cinema. Furthermore, Alice felt that Curtis was embarrassed by her when he escorted her away from a group of old friends who recognised him. Curtis explained that he was embarrassed by his friends and apologised to Alice for his poor effort; he compensated by showing her around Farmead. While in a lift together, Alice spontaneously kissed Curtis. (CAS: "This Will Be Our Year")

Tony tries to provoke Curtis by mocking the murder of his brother. (CAS: "Price of Life")

On 23 January 2009, before Curtis was scheduled to go on a date with Alice, he answered a panicked phone call from a friend named Liam whose brother Richie had been stabbed by Tony Reece. After Richie was taken into the ED, Alice was troubled by Curtis and the brothers' decision not to name Tony as the perpetrator and reminded Curtis that he had changed, but Curtis took umbrage and asserted that she had "no idea". Later that evening, Liam was determined to seek revenge against Tony and approached him at The Crown and Anchor with a knife, but Tony disarmed him. When Curtis rushed to the pub to retrieve Liam, Tony began taunting Curtis about Luke's death. Sick of allowing Tony to rule Farmead unabated, Curtis reported him to the police, and Tony was soon arrested. Curtis insisted that he made the right decision, but Liam feared for his and Richie's lives. (CAS: "Price of Life") As Liam and Richie refused to corroborate Curtis' evidence, the police were forced to release Tony.

The following week, while hiking together, Curtis gifted Alice with a bracelet but struggled to tell her that he loved her. The two were interrupted by a boy named Dalton whose father Alan had fallen down a hillside and sustained an arterial bleed. Despite Alice's warnings, Curtis instructed her to find a phone signal while he attempted to negotiate the terrain to reach Alan. Curtis managed to reach Alan and put pressure on his bleed, but it was not until the late evening that Alice managed to find a signal and call for an ambulance. Once Curtis and Alan were rescued, Curtis told Alice that he loved her; she reciprocated, and the two shared a kiss. (CAS: "Midday Sun")

Escalation of threats

On 14 February, Curtis responded to a call from the Farmead estate and was greeted by Tony who recommended that Curtis "enjoy [his] girlfriend's pretty face while it [lasted]". Fearing for Alice's safety, Curtis suggested that he apply for a transfer to the Albridge Ambulance Service and move to London with her, but she was against the idea. With Tess Bateman's encouragement, Curtis arranged a dinner date with Alice in the ED staff room. Curtis was mortified to discover that Alice had received a sinister Valentine's Day card in his name, but it soon transpired that Jay Faldren was responsible. When Alice asked Curtis what was troubling him, he claimed that he did not see their relationship working out and broke up with her. (CAS: "Stand by Me")

Later that month, Curtis received an ominous text containing a photograph of Alice and confronted the boy who took it. When the boy admitted that he was working for Tony, Curtis sent Tony a voicemail claiming that he was "done with that frigid little bitch" and that he could "have" her. After Tess heard the message and confronted Curtis, he reluctantly stood by his remarks and claimed, to Tess' disgust, that Alice was not satisfying his needs. (CAS: "Blood") News spread about the circumstances around Curtis and Alice's break-up, resulting in Curtis losing the respect of his colleagues. (CAS: "Could We Be Heroes?")

In March, Alice was struggling to deal with the break-up, but, when Tess told her about the voicemail and that it was sent to a man named "Tony", Alice realised that Curtis broke up with her in order to protect her from Tony. While visiting Luke's grave, Alice sent a message to Curtis and heard his phone nearby, but Curtis did not respond. (CAS: "Before a Fall") Alice stood her ground and asserted that she would not "walk away from this"; Curtis gave in, and the two reconciled. (CAS: "Shields") After an irate Tess caught the two together in the back of an ambulance, Curtis explained the situation regarding Tony and the threats made against him and Alice; Tess allowed the couple to stay at her house while they resolved the situation. (CAS: "True Lies")

In April, Tony started selling dangerously powerful heroin wraps which were causing many clients on the Farmead estate to overdose. DI Moreland urged Curtis to agree to testify against Tony, but Curtis refused. Later that day, Curtis proposed to Alice and claimed that he would not risk her for Tony and his empire; while she said yes, she told Curtis that she did not want him to use her as an excuse not to testify and that she was not afraid of Tony's threats. Curtis finally decided to testify but warned Alice that they would not be able to continue living in Holby afterwards, but Alice was already aware and reaffirmed her love for him. (CAS: "Better Drowned") Later that day, Tony's henchmen caught wind of Curtis and Alice's reconciliation, and they soon found out where Alice lived. (CAS: "The Price We Pay")

Alice's assault

Curtis finds an unconscious and brutally beaten Alice. (CAS: "With This Ring")

In May, Curtis discovered that Tony had been released on bail and told Alice that they needed to leave the city as soon as possible, but Alice wanted to stay for the remainder of her shift so she could treat a young patient named Kat; unbeknownst to Alice, Tony had instructed Kat to spy on her and steal her phone. After sighting Tony in the department car park, Curtis gave Alice one last chance to part ways, but she refused to leave Curtis' side. After Curtis took Alice home to collect her belongings, Alice found Kat and a group of girls in her living room who proceeded to brutally beat her up. Curtis soon received a video of the attack and rushed back to Alice's house. (CAS: "Hostile Takeover") Curtis forced his way into the house and found Alice unconscious. After Alice was taken into the ED, Curtis insisted that the attack was a punishment beating that was ordered by Tony, but Moreland asserted that they could not charge without solid evidence of his involvement. Despite Alice's protests, Curtis decided to take action and confronted Tony in his apartment. As Tony continued to taunt Curtis, Curtis grabbed him and threatened to stab him with a screwdriver, but Curtis eventually loosened his grip when Tony claimed that Alice did not matter, and returned to Alice's bedside. There, Alice, believing that Curtis had resolved the situation, expressed her happiness at the prospect of not having to leave Holby. (CAS: "With This Ring")

Later that month, Tony, under a pseudonym, was admitted to the ED complaining of pains. When Alice was sent to his cubicle, Tony grabbed her and tried to threaten her into silence. However, Alice managed to free herself and alerted Curtis who proceeded to attack Tony. Later that day, Curtis asked to meet up with Tony outside the ED for a chat. Curtis urged Tony to stop hurting his loved ones; as Tony recounted the time he murdered Curtis' brother, Curtis revealed that they were being filmed, and Tony was dragged away by hospital security. A relieved Curtis assured Alice that they were now free. (CAS: "Who Do You Think You Are?")

On 30 May, Curtis and Alice scheduled their wedding for 25 July. (CAS: "Palimpsest") Curtis initially picked his cousin Ash as his best man, but Ash was drafted into a construction job in Basra. As a back-up, Curtis asked Jeff to take the role, but Jeff, who was in the middle of a difficult divorce, refused point-blank, prompting Curtis to ask Dixie. However, Jeff was disturbed by Dixie and Polly Emmerson's ideas for the stag-do and hen night and eventually decided to be Curtis' best man. (CAS: "Ashes")


The day before the wedding, Curtis received a call from Moreland informing him that Tony had been released. Wanting to put an end to the harassment once and for all, Curtis entered MacKenzie "Big Mac" Chalker's apartment and took his gun. (CAS: "Great Expectations") However, as soon as Curtis entered Tony's apartment, he found that Tony had been shot dead. As Curtis fled the scene, he was spotted by a neighbour who noticed his uniform; they later reported the sighting to the police, believing Curtis was the shooter. The following morning, Curtis told Alice about the incident; Alice urged him to speak to the police, but Curtis was convinced that Moreland would charge him with Tony's murder on the grounds of their shared history. Curtis urged Alice to leave the city with him for a while, believing that the police would find the real culprit in that time. However, while fleeing Moreland, Curtis accidentally slammed a glass door into the face of a female officer, leaving her with several deep lacerations. Curtis told Moreland that he did not kill Tony and left him to maintain pressure on the officer's haemorrhaging neck. After stealing a car, Curtis planned to take Alice out of the city for a while, but Alice secretly called Moreland and gave him their location. When the police arrived, Curtis fled, and Alice was taken in for questioning. (CAS: "No Fjords in Finland - Part One")

The resus team attempt to resuscitate Curtis. (CAS: "No Fjords in Finland - Part Two")

After fleeing, Curtis called Jeff and asked him to buy him a train ticket to Glasgow. Alice called Curtis back to Holby to offer him her mother Julie's car and accompany him to Glasgow, but Curtis decided to speak to the police, believing that he would be vindicated. At the ED, Alice's colleagues began to suspect that Callum Malone was responsible for Tony's death; his mother Cathy later confirmed their suspicions, and Curtis was absolved. At the ED, while Callum's henchmen started a riot in the building, Callum accused Alice of "poisoning [Cathy's] mind" and dragged her onto the roof. There, Callum threatened to shoot Alice, but Curtis quickly arrived and tried to assure Callum that there was a way out of a criminal life. However, when Callum noticed the police on the ground, he prepared to shoot Alice, prompting Curtis to push him off the roof with him. Curtis was rushed into resus, but his condition deteriorated, and all attempts at resuscitation failed. (CAS: "No Fjords in Finland - Part Two")