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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Dana Fainaru is an award-winning British writer. She has written fourteen episodes of Casualty since 2008. Back in 2011, Fainaru won two awards, when her episode was nominated to represent Casualty as Best Drama. She won the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award and MIND Media Award. This was for her episode entitled: "Place of Safety".

Episodes written

Episode Year
"Before a Fall" 2008
"The Things We Do For..." 2008
"Own Personal Jesus" 2008
"Watershed" 2009
"Lie Low" 2009
"Sunset Syndrome" 2009
"A Day in a Life" 2010
"A Better Past" 2010
"Reasons Unknown" 2010
"Season of Goodwill" 2010
"Place of Safety" 2011
"Grand Canyon" 2012
"Out of the Blue" 2012
"Just Do It" 2016
"Episode 1066 (Casualty)" 2018