Darla Johnstone (born 2004/2005) (HC: "Powerless") is the granddaughter of Ric Griffin.

In March 2019, Darla went to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit, and bumped into Sacha Levy and his daughter Beka who offered her a lift to school. Darla hid the test kit in Beka's bag, provoking an argument when it later fell out. However, Sacha lost focus on the road and accidentally crashed into a field. Sacha and Darla crawled out of the wreckage unscathed, but Beka was trapped.

Later, after she was taken to AAU, Serena allowed Elle tp keep Darla in her office whilst she waited for Ric. In her office, Elle comforted Darla when she broke down, feeling guilty. (CAS: Episode 1118)

Behind the scenes

Naomi Katiyo portrayed Darla in Casualty as a crossover character from Holby City.


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