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David Innes Edwards is a British director who has directed several episodes of Casualty.

Innes Edwards directed his first episode of Casualty in 1994. Since then, to date, there have now been 15 episodes directed by him. In 2014, Innes Edwards directed a Holby Noir style episode, which was entitled: "Deadfall". This episode was written by Jeff Povey.

Episodes directed

Episode Year
"Keeping It in the Family" 1994
"In the Black" 1994
"End of the Road" 1995
"Duty of Care" 1995
"When All Else Fails" 1995
"Night Moves" 1996
"Walking the Line" 2007
"Face the World" 2008
"Fallen Stars" 2014
"Deadfall" 2014
"The Last Goodbye" 2015
"What a Difference a Day Makes" 2015
"Hearts and Flowers" 2016
"Just Do It" 2016
"Where the Truth Lies" 2016
"Sticks and Stones" 2016
"Break Point" 2017
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