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"Desperate Odds" is the 32nd episode of Casualty and the 2nd episode of the 3rd series. It was preceded by "Welcome to Casualty" and followed by "Drake's Drum". The episode was directed by Graham Theakston and written by Ginnie Hole.


Social worker, Steve Selway, is called by a neighbour concerned about the welfare of a boy but when he investigates, the father attacks and seriously injures him, leaving him for dead, by his car. With no identification on him, the staff battle to save him and as he's sent to the theatre for an operation, Megan recognises him. The police go to arrest the father but the boy's been injured and rushed to hospital where the staff battle to save him but who was responsible? The police bring in a prisoner complaining of chest pains but he is sent back to the cells after being examined but he suffers a fatal heart attack and dies. Charlie meets Valerie and talks about the Observation Ward but an irate Ewart arrives, worried about their conversation, dismisses him and then argues with her over savings to be made. A wedding party arrive suffering with food poisoning and an elderly woman with diabetes is brought in by her son and finds she's going to lose her other leg.

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