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"Desperate Remedies" was the thirty-second episode of Series 26, and the 813th episode of Casualty overall.


It’s the week before Sam’s GMC hearing and the tension is starting to show, especially when Zoe reveals that she’s been called to testify against Sam. When the misidentification of a patient causes a near-fatal reaction, Sam takes her frustration out on Scarlett – much to Lloyd’s annoyance.

An insecure Lloyd is determined to get Scarlett to discuss their relationship but she keeps brushing him off. And when Lloyd tries to help her by confronting Sam about her outburst, Scarlett is furious - she’s perfectly capable of fighting her own battles.

Meanwhile a chance remark from Dylan about work relationships causes Lenny to look at Linda in a new light and he attempts to kiss her. Will the harassed nurse accept his advances?

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