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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Diamond Dogs" is the 619th episode of Casualty and the 29th episode of the 22nd series.


Everyone prepares to Celebrate Charlie's return by decorating the department appropriately but are disrupted when Marilyn scolds them and forces them to take down the banners and balloons. Zoe is preparing for an interview for Harry's job, against Maggie who is also trying to become clinical lead. Ruth is now fully conscious and decides to discharge herself from the hospital. Meanwhile an unsuspecting woman is attacked by a dog (because of an irresponsible owner) in her own garden and is rushed into the ED. Abs receives a call and is told that his brother, Danny, has died after taking a drug overdose. Marilyn, Jane and Sean decide that the decision between Maggie and Zoe is too close and plans on shadowing both staff members around the department for the day. The rampaging dog continues by attacking 2 community police officers and 2 civilians. While attending to an emergency call, Jeff is assaulted by a group of gangsters throwing bottles and stones. Adam's patient is threatened by a large man and when Adam tries to intervene, in order to keep his patient safe, he is head butted and receives a broken nose. Charlie confronts Marilyn how the security at the hospital is atrocious and that she needs to put more safeguards in place for the safety of the staff. Maggie offers Ruth a room in her house until she is back on her feet. Marilyn offers Zoe the job as the new clinical lead after being unimpressed by Maggie running off to persuade Ruth to move in with her instead of treating her patients.