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"Different Worlds - Part Two" is the 544th episode of Casualty and the second episode of the 21st series. It was preceded by "Different Worlds - Part One" and followed by "Waste of Space". The episode was directed by Patrick Lau and written by Ann Marie Di Mambro. It comprises the second half of the 20th anniversary special, and is one hour in length.

Like the first part, this episode takes place in both the emergency department and Cambodia. This episode features another guest appearance of Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, portrayed by Cathy Shipton, who went on to make her next guest appearance almost nine years later in 2015.


The ward is in chaos in the wake of the school bus accident and tensions are running high between Harry and the new doctor, Somnang. Meanwhile, even under traumatic circumstances, Kelsey is determined to play Cupid when she spots an opportunity between the bus driver and a friendly neighbour. Over in Cambodia, Abs and Comfort help with a difficult birth, and Charlie's suspicions are confirmed when he phones Sam to check up on Mike's background. Duffy is upset that he went behind her back, but things with Mike are not entirely what they seem. After all becomes clear, Charlie reveals his feelings for Maggie to Duffy - unaware that, back in Holby, Maggie's relationship with Somnang has taken an unexpected direction.


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