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"Different Worlds - Part Two" is the 544th episode of Casualty and the second episode of series 21. It was directed by Patrick Lau and written by Ann Marie Di Mambro. It comprises the second half of the 20th anniversary special and is one hour in length.


In Cambodia, Voleak hangs herself, and Comfort risks her own health by administering the kiss of life to resuscitate her. Shortly after, Comfort and Abs are taken to the home of a woman in labour named Keng who is experiencing a frank breech birth. Unable to reach a hospital, Comfort is forced to deliver the baby on the side of a road. After performing a difficult manoeuvre, Comfort manages to deliver Keng's daughter, but Keng goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Realising that she desperates wants to be a mother, Comfort asks Keng's family if she can keep the baby, and they agree. However, Voleak — Keng's sister — returns and wants her niece to remain in Cambodia, forcing a devastated Comfort to give her back.

Still doubtful of Mike's competency, Charlie asks Sam to look into his background and finds out that Mike was struck off in the 1990s; Duffy admits that she loves Mike and is disgusted by Charlie's attitude towards him. When Mike suffers a stroke, he admits that he has been having ischaemic attacks and explains that he cannot return to England for treatment as he was supposed to be incarcerated for the non-voluntary euthanasia of his mother. The team manage to organise Mike's evacuation to Bangkok, but Charlie tells Duffy that he will not be able to stay in Cambodia with her to run the clinic; he admits that he has feelings for Maggie and pledges to "do something about it" as soon as he returns to England.

Back in Holby, the emergency department is overrun with unruly students following the bus crash. Somnang suspects that a young girl has a back injury, but his diagnosis is immediately undermined when he innocently refers to Harry as a "useful tosser". When Somnang finds footage of a 'happy slapping' on the bus which vindicates him, Harry begins to respect him, but Maggie takes issue with Somnang's suggestion that there is no poverty in the UK. The two soon make up and share a passionate kiss in the staff room.


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