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"Do You Believe in Fairies?" is the 190th episode of Casualty and the 14th episode of the 11th series.


A six-year-old girl, Harriet, is devastated when her father Tom tells her Father Christmas does not exist and runs straight through a green house. Jude is sympathetic and Matt offers to arrange for a visit from the Santa Claus from children's ward. Harriet sees someone dressed as Santa and tells Jude, only for Matt to reveal the Santa had the flu...Youngster Paul is doing work experience with piano tuner George. They get into an argument and Paul threatens to smash a violin George made. George smashes it himself and the string hits him in the face. He offers Paul a job when he leaves school. Tim, an old friend of Matt's now working as a vicar, arrives at the hospital to hear from Jack that his six-year-old niece Molly is dead and sister Josie has been badly injured after being hit by a drunk driver when on their way home from a school nativity service, and has to be restrained from attacking the man. Richard and Gloria go away together over Christmas. Jude asks to speak to Matt later but changes her mind on hearing he is considering going to work at his brother's bar in Crete.

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