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Donnatella "Donna" Marigold Jackson is a senior staff nurse who works at Holby City Hospital. She began working at the hospital in March 2004 as a staff nurse before resigning in March 2011 as a ward sister; she later returned in June 2017.


Harassment by Jeremy Warren

In December 2017, Jeremy began spending Donna threats towards both the hospital and Jac specifically. (HC: "Group Animal - Part One") On 5 December, the hospital was put on lockdown after a gunshot was heard on AAU, and Donna managed to protect a young boy named Ezra by hiding him behind a curtain. On the phone to Ric, she insisted that Jeremy was the shooter, but Ric urged her not to jump to conclusions. However, upon seeing the gunman, she realised that it was actually Fredrik Johanssen. (HC: "Group Animal - Part Two")

Behind the scenes

Jaye Jacobs initially portrayed Donna on Holby City from 2004 to 2011; she returned to the show in 2017.