Donna Jackson is a senior staff nurse who is currently working at Holby City Hospital.

Donna has appeared in two editions of Casualty@Holby City—crossovers with Holby City‍‍'‍s sister show Casualty, which is set in the hospital's emergency department (ED).

Crossover - (2005, 2010)

In the first such crossover, originally broadcast in December 2004, Donna works alongside ED staff members when a fuel tanker crashes into the hospital. She reappears in the fourth edition of Casualty@Holby City, originally broadcast in December 2005, when she is involved in a car crash en route to the staff Christmas party. She and paramedic Paul "Woody" Joyner then inadvertently cause a tunnel to collapse while trying to rescue a trapped baby.

In 2010, Donna appeared in Casualty itself, for the launch of the show's twenty-fifth series. She was included in the episode at the bequest of its writer, Mark Cately. Casualty‍‍'‍s series producer Oliver Kent deemed her "hilariously funny" and "one of Holby‍‍ ' ‍s best characters". During the episode, the ED staff work through the aftermath of a school shooting. Jacobs explained that Donna finds the shift difficult and is "really quite scared", as she is used to working with routine rather than emergency patients. In contrast to her typical disorganization and laziness, Donna is forced to work hard and "put herself on the line" to keep up with the other staff members.

Behind the scenes

Jaye Jacobs played Donna Jackson in Casualty as a crossover character from Holby City. In February 2019, it was announced that Jacobs would reprise her role as Donna for a crossover with Holby City in March.

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