Dougie Kinsella is the father of Bea Kinsella.

In May 2018, Dougie was taken into Holby City Hospital's emergency department after falling and breaking his arm. Not wanting to disclose his relation to Bea, he gave the hospital staff a fake name. She soon called Bea to ask her to pick him up. When she arrived, she told Dylan Keogh that he was taking disulfiram to help him combat his alcoholism, leading him to suggest that Dougie's symptoms were caused by his drinking. Furious, Bea berated Dougie and stormed out of resus. However, after revealing that he had been prescribed antibiotics following an appointment with the dentist, Rashid Masum concluded that his symptoms were caused by an adverse reaction to the medication and informed Bea. Feeling regretful, she apologised to her father, and the two reconciled. (CAS: Episode 1083)

In June, Dougie was arrested after a violent altercation. The following morning, Bea left during her shift to talk him out of criminal charges and to collect him. Although Dougie apologised, she later decided to accept Alicia Munroe's offer of a room at her house and moved out. (CAS: Episode 1086)

Behind the scenes

John Paul Connolly portrayed Dougie in Casualty for two episodes in 2018.


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