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"Drake's Drum" is the 33rd episode of Casualty and the 3rd episode of the 3rd series. It was preceded by "Desperate Odds" and followed by "Absolution". The episode was directed by Keith Washington and written by Keith Dewhurst.


Tony, the local Vicar, calls on an elderly man whose lost his faith and later finds he's been rushed to casualty, where a delicate heart operation to remove fluid, has to be perform by the on-duty surgeon. Duffy senses Tony has problems of his own and he eventually tells her he's HIV and Ewart's gone on a trip down the river with an old pal to escape the pressures of work, but finds out about the proposed closure of the Observation Ward. He heads back to casualty and argues with Valerie over the news and he's furious with her. A small child suffering from asthma comes in and the cause is put down to the parents arguments.

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