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"Duty of Care" is the 152nd episode of Casualty and the 24th episode of the 9th series.


A farmer is arguing with her daughter, who is moving away, when her legs are mangled by farm machinery as she tries to clear an obstruction. Josh and Liz are called in and the woman refuses amputation, but when she loses consciousness a surgeon amputates anyway. It transpires she is selling the farm to one of her workers. Jude is disappointed to find Matt chatting up an agency nurse while Charlie is annoyed to discover Baz has actually invited him to a large dinner party. A patient, Henry Turner, turns out to have a primed explosive strapped to him and demands information on a patient from a few months previous. The department is evacuated and the police have Baz talk to Henry over the phone: The patient was his mother, who died in a corridor on her own of a stroke while he was in jail for arson. Henry blows himself up. Charlie takes Baz back to his place instead of to the dinner party, where they kiss.

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