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"Duty of Care - Part Two" is the 52nd and final episode of series 9 of Holby City and the 367th episode overall. It was directed by Sarah O'Gorman and written by Dana Fainaru.


  • Rakie Ayola as Kyla Tyson
  • Peter Wingfield as Dan Clifford
  • Robert Powell as Mark Williams
  • Paul Bradley as Elliot Hope
  • Jaye Jacobs as Donna Jackson
  • Nadine Lewington as Maddy Young
  • Phoebe Thomas as Maria Kendall
  • Hugh Quarshie as Ric Griffin
  • Adrian Edmondson as Percy "Abra" Durant
  • Sam Stockman as James Hope
  • Maurice Roëves as Cecil Heaney
  • Emmanuel Idowu as Ezekiel Noxolo
  • Aline Mowat as Lillian Davey
  • Pippa Hinchley as Ellen Delaney
  • John Conroy as Brian Avory
  • Brigid Zengeni as Nina Parr
  • Darren Strange as Roger Morgan
  • Jay Brown as Shaun Dixon
  • Nathaniel Willie as Puggy Davies

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