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Effie Laurence (born 1990s) is a woman with cystic fibrosis.


Early life

Effie was born at some point during the 1990s to Catrina and Theo Laurence. At some point, Catrina died an undignified death as a result of an illness which inspired Effie to prioritise living life to the fullest over pursuing life-extending treatments for her cystic fibrosis. However, Theo was keen for her to remain at home and constantly searched for trials and treatments for her condition. (CAS: Episode 1140)

Holby cystic fibrosis trial

On 24 August 2019, Theo took Effie to Holby City Hospital's emergency department under the pretence that they were attending a university open day to ask consultant Ethan Hardy — a friend from university — if Effie would be eligible for the hospital's upcoming cystic fibrosis trial; Effie was appalled by her father's duplicity but ultimately agreed to be accessed. Effie admitted to Ethan that she had lied to Theo about her lung function and that she was too ill to be accepted onto a CF trial. After Effie left for The Hope & Anchor midway through a test, she began coughing up blood, forcing Ethan to reveal the true extent of Effie's deterioration to Theo. Nevertheless, Ethan vowed to get her onto the trial and omitted her haemoptysis from her medical records. (CAS: Episode 1140)

In September, Effie was nervous prior to her interview for the trial and felt her condition would exclude her, but Ethan explained that he had been "inexact" while writing her notes and told her to not go into detail; Effie was ultimately accepted onto the trial. (CAS: Episode 1143) Despite her success, Effie still had qualms about the trial and asked Ethan for his opinion. Ethan opted to remain impartial, but, after Effie was admitted to the ED following a panic attack, he encouraged her to proceed with the trial to increase her chances of a good future. (CAS: Episode 1145)

In October, Effie invited Ethan to spend the day on a boat with her friends; Ethan agreed but was not allowed to leave the ED. Ethan later called Effie to apologise, and she invited him over to her house for supper. Later that evening, as Effie and Ethan were about to kiss, Theo returned home and threatened to "ruin" Ethan if he did not stay away from his daughter. (CAS: Episode 1146) Later that month, after Theo blackmailed Ethan into finding out which test group Effie was in, Ethan decided to cut all ties with Effie and stopped responding to her messages and calls. (CAS: Episode 1147)

On 10 November, Effie collapsed while attending a meeting with Juliet Chen — the trial's principal investigator. Ethan and Theo started to suspect that the trial drug was responsible for Effie's symptoms, but the majority of the trial patients were later admitted to the hospital with similar symptoms and subsequently diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease. Ethan told Effie that, after she had recovered, they would not be seeing each other again, but she began coughing up blood, forcing Ethan to reveal her previous instance of haemoptysis and cause the trial to be terminated. When Effie was moved to a ward, Ethan apologised to Effie and claimed to empathise with her regarding her bleak future. Effie attempted to rebuke him, prompting him to reveal that he had Huntington's disease. Knowing that they both had debilitating conditions, the two began to grow closer, (CAS: Episode 1149) but Ethan ultimately decided not to accompany her on her travels on account of their conflicting personalities and claimed that he did not want to hold her back. Effie understood, and the two parted on good terms. (CAS: Episode 1150)

Behind the scenes

Abigail Hardingham portrayed Effie in Casualty in 2019.